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Monday 3 November 2014

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 3 November

Tracy is doused in misery – understandably so, and perhaps viewers felt an unfamiliar flash of sympathy for her. Ken is trying to clear away the wedding cake and champagne, in order to try to spare her feelings, but Tracy tells him to leave it. Ken is genuinely trying to help but when he comes out with the old cliché about time making things better, Tracy denies it will for her.

Ken must be struggling to keep his elation at bay now that Peter will be released. He cannot flaunt this joy too much in front of Tracy as it is her ‘supposed to be husband’ whose confession to his sister Carla, has brought about this release.   

Rob is on the run – fast and furious after an impressive leap over a fence. Now in a guesthouse, he is a haunted and hunted man. What will the lovely Tracy do? Will she run to him with her mini-me, Amy, in tow. Or will she renounce him and create further havoc by remaining in Weatherfield? Probably the question to ask is, what should she do? Surely her first responsibility must be to Amy, but this is Tracy Barlow we are dealing with.

Tracy knocks hard on the door and Rob is terror struck. Opening the door tentatively, it is of course Tracy who storms in. She flails at him but gradually things calm down and they talk. Rob tries to explain what happened on the night of Tina’s murder and says there was nothing planned about it. Rob reminds us that Tina had said that she was going to tell the police that Rob had pushed her when she fell. Of the metal bar, he said that he acted out of instinct.

Tracy is furious with Rob’s concern for Carla and thinks he should be more focussed on her and Amy. Footsteps on the stairs! The police? No - only the rather amusing landlord wanting to fix something. Rob succeeds in turning him away. Tracy who is hiding in the bathroom reflects on her current status. ‘You know what this is? It’s our honeymoon. And I’m a dubious looking woman sitting on a toilet in a B&B.’

Tracy hands Rob £200 and tells him that she is determined to come with him. He asks her if she’s certain and she says she is. These two really do seem to love each other. She arrives home much to Ken’s relief. Beth had visited and discovered that Tracy had disappeared. Beth also tore a strip off those in Roy’s Rolls, rather enjoying the disastrous wedding and laughing at Tracy’s expense.

Just as Tracy is coming in from ‘shopping’ Michelle and Carla are approaching. Carla asks about Rob, naturally. Tracy calls her a skank.

Michelle tells Carla that she has done the right thing, but Carla says that it doesn’t feel right.

Gail is looking out for Michael, who has gone to a few pubs to try to track down his son. Gail is driven mad by anxiety. David is no help and enjoys teasing her. Gail fears his heart may have packed in. ‘He’s not a teddy bear but a man who used to rob people’s houses, including this one. ‘ Then, Gail, more to herself than to David, says, ‘He’s my teddy bear.’

Maria and Luke go to see a car that Maria might buy. Marie wants to know if the car has cup holders. Cup holders are handy but the mechanics are a little more important. But John, the car owner, as they are on the test drive, falls ill and they have to call an ambulance.  Luke then has to carry Maria back to where they started, because her heels are too high. Quite an odd episode really

Tony gives Liz a card for her birthday but it is too risqué for Amy to see, Liz feels. Tony has worked his culinary charms in the real deal not a meal deal as Liz suggests. Later, when eating the meal, which all looks pretty good, Wilson Pickett is singing In The Midnight Hour. There must be something significant here…
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ChiaGwen said...

A spot of surprisingly good acting from Tracy! However the episode was ruined by the return of the odious Andrea....perhaps the 'tragedy ' on the street noted in the banner at the top of the page involves her demise....ah, one can only hope!.

Upintheattic said...

Excellent episode tonight. Kate Ford was really really good, and believable and had ME feeling sorry for I wish the scenes with Maria and Luke weren't so stupid. I mean, how many times did she or he say they weren't bf/gf? It was too obvious about the upcoming romance.

Seriously though, who knew Kate Ford could be so good?

Anonymous said...

I wish people would leave Kate Ford alone. Yes her character is horrible but this girl can act. If she made us all feel remorse for her that says a lot. Very powerful scenes with Tracy and Rob, hated the Luke/Maria. Too on the nose.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty has to admit that Tracy was actually quite good yesterday. Poor old Steve seems to be being pushed out of his own home by Tony and his increasingly rather unpleasant mother.

And what was that old nonsense with Maria and Luke, with him giving her a grown woman a piggy back and her moaning and carping and being totally ungrateful? I like Luke but he is wasted on the dim hairdresser.

AmandaB said...

At least the police will know where to catch them, they'll hardly get far on 200 pounds! Tracy could at least have got the petty cash from the shop.

Claud Rains said...

How did Tracy get to Bolton, and how? Its quite a way from the outskirts of Manchester. And sorry to Dierdre fans out there, she was needed for these scenes and if she wasnt there for them, what is the future point of the character really?

Anonymous said...

I don't feel sorry for Tracy at all but this is some of the best acting Kate Ford has done on Corrie.

What I don't understand though is how Tracy can be so cold and vicious one minute and then turn into such a crybaby? She sounds like a spoilt brat having a tantrum when she goes off on one and the wailing is too much. I get that she's devastated but she was the same when Steve dumped her.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I stand by what I've said before. Kate Ford can do it when the script gives her decent lines. She isn't of the calibre of David Neilson/Chris Gascoyne, amongst others, who can show emotion simply with a look, and not have to rely on the script. When KF is given something other than 2 dimensional gurning and grinning, she's competent. So, writers and directors, give KF something to get her teeth into, and the role of Tracy may yet be rescued. Let's see if they can do the same with Kym Lomas/Michelle Connor.

Anonymous said...

Claud, I agree with your comments regarding the point of the character Diedre. (I am so sorry that Anne Kirkbride had to take such a long leave and wish her well)Having said that the character was absent when her son-in-law was on trial for murder and her daughter's wedding. Perhaps it's time to say goodbye.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, we've heard about the gruelling schedules of actors involved in major storylines and Kirkbride's been part of this one the whole time the actor who plays Ken was MIA. When he returned, it seems like she had even more work to do. So I don't blame her for needing a break - it's just ashame the writers didn't pace her involvement better so she wasn't burned out by the time the s/l climaxed.

Unknown said...

About Dierdre- I agree with Claud Rains and Anonymous at 18:12. I blame the writers on that one too. So many other characters hanging around while certain ones are worn out with fatigue. duh.
Frosty, you're melting... ;D and I couldn't agree with you more about Maria *and Luke by default. She is an ungrateful dimwit. Not cute, not funny, but stupid to the point of insulting our intelligence and wasting our valuable television time.
however... same bat time, same bat channel - I'll return for more.

Unknown said...

and yes, Kate Ford has the chops!

Anonymous said...

Well I for one liked the Maria and Luke scenes. Yes some of the dialog was a bit repetitive but that aside they were good. Maria wasn't ungrateful at all she thanked him SEVRAL times and even the next day. It was Luke that was rude to her on Wednesday


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