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Thursday 27 November 2014

Coronation Street film bus crash scenes

There are paparazzi pictures online of Coronation Street filming in the bus crash scenes this week.  

Corrie producer Stuart Blackburn has already teased the crash, which will be shown early in the new year.

He said: "Yes, coming up in the New Year, there is a real tragedy that's going to affect a dozen or so of our characters. Last year we had David and the car crash and of course that was a stunt, but it genuinely felt like it had come from story. It wasn't us suddenly deciding that we needed to do something spectacular to get the viewers.

"It's the same with what we're planning, because it'll come from a relatively long-running story. It is going to be spectacular and a little bit heartbreaking!"

There will be an Underworld Works outing in the New Year. They all head out in a mini-van driven by Steve McDonald but there's a crash and some of the factory workers will end up in hospital with one person in critical condition.

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John McE said...

Is that Tracy on the right? What on Earth is she doing on the Underworld's trip?

Barrie.T said...

So how long do you think it will be before they tell us who ends up in critical condition, and the same person will have just signed a new 1 year contract. I guarantee it will be in the newspapers before christmas. They cant keep secrets in corrie

Bea said...

If they kill Maddie, I start an hunger strike ! :)

Anonymous said...

I may start a hunger strike if they DON'T kill Maddy!

ChiaGwen said...

LOL! Anonymous! I'm hoping somehow Andrea goes along on the bus and is the one in critical condition and eventually dies. Though I guess that would certainly put a huge wedge in Steve and Lloyd's friendship....hmm, a precursor to Lloyd leaving (for a while).

Anonymous said...

What is it with Coronation street and vehicular accidents? It's getting old, people (and I'm one who usually lets Coronation Street off the hook with a lot of things).

Bea said...

I don't understand why some people don't like Maddie. I like her, she's interesting, fun and I like her connection with the Webster house. And plus, the actress is very good.
ChiaGwen, that's a theory, I bet on you !

Anonymous said...

As long as maddie and carmen survive I will be a happy bunny

The.HR.Doctor said...

"It is going to be spectacular and a little bit heartbreaking!"

How can it be "a little bit heartbreaking?" It's either broken or not.

Beth said...

".....we needed to do something spectacular to get the viewers"

When will they learn that not all things 'spectacular' get the viewers. That the viewers are a little tired of 'spectacular' (or Phil Collinson's favourite was "sensational"). That we are a little sick, pardon the pun, of seeing corrie folk hooked up to hospital tubes in coma's only to recover a week later. To be diagnosed paralyzed (Sophie, Peter) only to be running round in a month).

Corrie has had too many miscarriages of justice to even start mentioning even.

Sensational, spectacular is overrated! Give us back our warm, humorous, caring, fun, dialogue rich filled Corrie and then you'll "get the viewers"!!!

Frumpty Dumpty said...

"It is going to be spectacular and a little bit heartbreaking!"

There it is. Instead of saying, it's going to be heartbreaking and spectacular, he reversed the order of importance and starts with SPECTACULAR showing his concern is firstly for ratings and not for the emotion and respect of its many many many many viewers. Viewers who are losing respect mutually for the PTB (powers that be). SB admitted he doesn't watch the show. Wow. In a nutshell, he doesn't even know it's broken, nor does he care. Ratings and numbers. Go work in a bank SB if all you care about is numbers.

Stephen said...

if Tracey is (inexplicably) on the bus, and the crash is "a little bit heartbreaking", I'm guessing that the horrid harpy survives intact?


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