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Wednesday 5 November 2014

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 5 Nov

Wednesday 5th November
WILL TRACY DO A RUNNER WITH ROB? At No.1 Tracy packs some things into a holdall ready for her getaway with Rob. Desperate to spend a last few hours with Amy, Tracy tells her she needn’t go to school and instead they’ll have a duvet day. Tracy hugs Amy tight, telling her how much she loves her. But when Ken arrives home announcing the police have found Rob’s murder weapon, Tracy jumps in Ken’s car and makes her getaway. As Ken realises with horror that Tracy is in contact with Rob and has clearly chosen him over her own daughter, Tracy meets up with Rob. Rob’s relieved to see her and telling her how much he loves her, suggests they leave straight away.
TODD STARTS TO BUILD BRIDGES WITH HIS FAMILY. As Eileen continues to ignore Todd, Roy offers him some advice and suggests it’s time he ended the rift with family and friends. When hooligans later hurl eggs at the caf√©, Todd rides to the rescue, chases them off and helps Roy clear up the mess. As Roy thanks Todd for his kindness, Tyrone and Fiz are impressed to hear about his good deed.
THERE’S CHEMISTRY BREWING BETWEEN LUKE AND MARIA. Maria moans to Audrey about Luke, ranking him arrogant and selfish, but it’s clear to Audrey she fancies him. In the Rovers, Luke apologises to Maria and suggests they start again. An obvious spark between them, will Maria agree?
ELSEWHERE Yasmeen tries to drum up interest in the first aid course she’s running at the community centre. Izzy agrees to go and Katy finds herself pressganged into it.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

No wonder Amy is a brat, she is not really wanted by her mother and is shoved from pillar to post. A tarty grandmother who is more interested in her latest man, a well meaning but weak father with a nagging shrew of a live in girlfriend, the other chain smoking grandmother is away with the fairies half the time and a step grandfather who is obsessed with his alcholic son. I feel sorry for the wee girl.

abbyk said...

Don't forget being abandoned by her mother figure from the preschool years. It's a shame. Before Tracy returned, Steve and Becky provided Amy a loving home. Yeah, she had a monobrow back then, but she was well cared for. Her dad lives next door but for as much time as the spend together, he may as well be in London. Curious to see how Tracy's runner affects her.

Anonymous said...

Please say it ain't so! I like Luke. Surely they could bring in a new character or Luke and Carla get together, anyone but Maria. And why not have a storyline of a very young man with an "older" (Audrey) woman? Weird I know, but the gobs on the Street would be wagging!

Zagg said...

So not buying the push for the big redemption of Todd. Now they'll have him taking in stray kitties and puppies and helping old ladies cross the street. Not interested. It's so contrived it makes my head hurt.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,Corrie already had the younger man older woman storylines already with Gail\Martin and Jason\Stella.I think Maria is one of the nicer characters on the Street snd believe she and Luke will make a nice souple.Beasides at the risk of sounding cynical,if Tina was strill around,Luke could've been paired up with her and that would've been hard to watch.

Anonymous said...

You people should really watch the episode before you judge....Kate Ford was usual! And as for Amy...she is a mini could Tracy not love her more than anyone else! lol

Unknown said...

How do you solve a problem like Mariblah? seriouslah!??

Anonymous said...

Todd probably paid those guys to bash get back in his mum's good books.


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