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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - wearing slippers to the shops

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This week was dominated by the trial of Peter Barlow.  It started on the Monday, it carried on through Wednesday and the judge summed up on Friday.  Norris and Mary are there with their flasks of hot tea, sausage rolls, flapjacks and crisps and all that was missing was Blanche with her bag of bon-bons.  We’ll get a verdict next week, as that’s the way these things go, unless something or someone upsets the apple cart and it all has to start again. As it might, you never know, this is soap after all.  Up in the stand to give evidence is Steve McDonald, who is not in a good place. He’s in a dark place, a sad place, he’s anxious and depressed and having to give evidence in Peter’s trial upsets him a lot.  It upsets him so much he doesn’t do Peter any favours at all.  Then it’s Carla on the stand and she turns things slightly in Peter’s favour by saving she thinks he didn’t kill Tina. And then Peter’s up there in his suit on the stand, defending himself as best as he can.  We leave the court as the jury are sent out to deliberate after the judge sums up.  Peter + Tina = affair + murder = Peter arrested / Rob really done it = Guilty (Innocent)..  I never was good at maths.

While Tracy and Rob sit ringside at Peter’s trial in the court room with Ken, Todd looks after Barlow’s Buys. He’s not That Into It, (ie. having a job) but spurred on by some money coming in from somewhere, he gets himself somewhere to live and moves out of Eva’s flat, shifting his shifty-looking belted raincoat and jumpers elsewhere.

Also on the move this week was Carla who packed up and left Peter’s old flat and moved, well, I might have blinked and missed this bit, but I assume it was to a flat in Victoria Court.  Correct me if I’m wrong, please do.  Carla’s wine glasses were the last things to be packed up and the first to be unwrapped.

Roy heads to Blackpool this week with a plan to scatter Hayley’s ashes.  Tyrone and Fiz go with him, on the first anniversary of Roy and Hayley’s Blackpool trip.  Roy rolls up his trousers, takes off his shoes and socks and goes for a paddle in the shallows.  It’s invigorating stuff, and gives him much to think on, so much so that he refuses to let Hayley go and the ashes go back to Weatherfield with him. Good one, Roy.  Sadly, there’s been a break-in at Roy’s Rolls while he’s been away. Some kids in hoodies had been hanging around outside Roy’s Rolls for a few days giving Roy grief and he reckons they’re the ones who broke into the cafĂ© and his flat and smashed things up.  The cops are called and Anna does her best to comfort Roy but there’s turmoil behind poor Roy’s eyes. 

After having a prang in her car the other week, Audrey goes to Kev’s garage to find out when he car will be ready to drive again. It’s ready, it’s done, but when Audrey gets in the motor to take it away, she panics and can’t drive.  Luke offers to take Audrey out for a spin so she can get her confidence back in the driver’s seat.  And not only do they go for a spin, but Audrey drives him out to a country pub for lunch. She comes back a bit giddy kipper, and regales Maria with tales of how Luke did this and how Luke did that and what Luke had to eat for lunch and how lovely and slim Luke’s fingers were.  And then she tosses her hair, in that way that she does. Wonderful stuff. 

And finally this week, Tony walks back into the Rovers but not yet back into Liz’s life. She refuses to talk to him as he’s too selfish.  Meanwhile, Tony refuses to talk to Liz because she’s too selfish so the two of them just glare at each other across the bar.  

And that was just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Jonathan Harvey and Joe Turner (Monday), Jayne Hollinson (Wednesday), Chris Fewtrell and Simon Crowther (Friday).  Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Cobblestone said...

I though Audrey was the highlight of the episode. How nice to see a late-blooming glimpse of the giddy, girlish Audrey Potter she once was. Maria's reaction was entertaining too - I always say, if given humourous material, Samia Smith rises to the occassion very well.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Audrey! She was so funny. I assume this is leading up to Maria and Luke getting together?

I've really enjoyed the trial stuff. Great performances from Carla, Peter and Rob...
Btw you're right about Carla's flat - I'm certain she said she's moving to Victoria Court.

Finally, poor Roy. Seeing him so alone and scared is awful.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Lovely to see Audrey all of a flutter as Luke takes care of her. I agree with Cobblestone, Maria is very good in comedy scenes.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty always thinks folks that wear their slippers to the shops a big ahem - common. Good courtroom scenes yesterday but thought the 'break in' at Roys in broad daylight in the nosiest Street in England a bit contrived. Why does Anna have to 'get change' anyway from the Bank of Dev, and why would it take her 15 minutes to nip across the road. Of course the giddy Audrey scenes were the start of Luke and the rather pointless Maria to have a love affair, when she must be about 1 years older than he is.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Meant that to be 10 years, Frosty made a typo.

Anonymous said...

Agree that Maria is and has been a pointless character for a long time...does not matter who is paired up with her.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,I don't think Maria is a pointless character ,she does have her moments in the sun with Audrey and her brother and son.The problems is the writers focus too much time with the Platts and Barlows.I think if any character is becoming pointless is Tracy with her mean storylines and it will be interesting what will become of her once it hits the fan about Rob being Tina's murderer.Kylie is also bugging me with her latest wild child stint and suspect if it weren't for the fact these characters are linked to the Platts and Barlows they would've been gone already.

Anonymous said...

Maria has a relationship with her son? and with her brother? Audrey is supposedly her second mother, but I've never felt that it was that special. Maria is a waste of space on this show. She's an annoying screen presence, always shoving something in her gob or sucking on her fingers or thin air. Vapid.
Even her so called moments in the sun were a waste of time in my living room. I bought a sponge dart gun just to shoot at tv when she's on.
Obviously, not a Maria fan.

At least Tracy Barlow has a personality.

Rosie said...

Agree with19.09 too much of the Platts and Barlows, I'm getting fed up with the David / Kylie saga, Samia S is a good actress but she doesn't get much chance to show it.
And why the contrived stories to write out characters for pregnancy leave, they just need not be on camera for a while, it's always happening, we didn't see Marcus and Maria for months when they got together, they just weren't involved in in any stories.

canadian bacon sarnie said...

Bingo Rosie.
Just leave the character's story out for a while. Think of all the characters currently not on camera - some for a very long time.. ie/ Dennis Tanner, where the hell is he anyway?
Always using elaborate stories to transfer the person away for a while is predictable and unnecessary.
I guess it's seen as an opportunity to use that character in an "explosive story that has us on the edge of our seats or in tears.."..
Please, just watch the show Stuart Blackburn.

Anonymous said...

I hope Luke and Audrey get together :) Why not?!


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