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Monday, 13 October 2014

Coronation Street Double Episode Review Monday 13 October 2014

Peter's trial begins and Mary and Norris are preparing their snacks in readiness for the spectacle.
As we knew he would, Peter scrubs up well and there is a touching moment between Peter and his cell mate. Spending so much time in each other's company could go either way. For Peter and his cell mate they have clearly become fond of each other.

What's more - Peter is feeling chipper. 'I started out dreading today, but nowI'm looking forward to it.'
Apparently Deirdre is struggling with guilt, for not being there to support Peter. Rob though is all set to go but sees his escape when someone is needed to look after Simon.  He and Carla are appointed but it's not long before Simon and Rob have gone missing. They have gone to visit Tina's grave. It's a poignant sight - it seems a while since we saw Tina's smiling face, but there it is at the head of her grave. This jury is out on the wisdom of taking Simon to see Tina's grave, but he did insist and Rob decided to take him. He told Simon that Peter was not a murderer. He spoke the truth, as he should know. But he also implied that Peter would come home, which is not necessarily true. Rob was doing his best to be kind to Simon, that is certain.

In the meantime, Carla was frantic, trying to find Simon. When she finally does find them she says to Rob, 'Who needs Alton Towers when you've got the cemetery.'

Roy is very wound up too. He is furious with the cafe door, which won't stay shut and furious that the hotel he and Hayley went to in Blackpool last year have written to him about a special offer. He points out that people might not be together a year later, and Sinead chips in to say that the letter was probably generated automatically. He has of course, told the court that when he saw Peter on the night of Tina's murder, he looked agitated, as well he did.

As Peter sat and listened to what people said about him in answer to the barristers' questions, he appeared relatively relaxed and even seemed to be looking at Leanne with affection. Leanne was clearly reluctant, but had to tell the truth about Peter's attack on Nick. Certainly. Peter shouldn't have hit Nick with a metal object, but Peter was severely provoked. A metal object was instrumental in the killing of Tina so it is a significant point. Leanne also tells the court that she saw Carla above where where Tina fell. The barrister reminds the court that Carla had just found out that Tina and Peter were having an affair.

Leanne let Norris know that she disapproved of his behaviour. He is telling himself that he should speak clearly when it is his turn and Leanne gives him a metaphorical slap. 'You're giving evidence in a murder trial, not  topping the bill at the Bradford Alhambra!'

Oh Steve! Going through it he is. He thinks it would be a good idea to have 20 minutes on the tread mill before he appears in court. But Michelle was so dismissive of him, in front of others at the gym. 'Oy! Mo Farrah!' She yells. And it didn't feel warm or affectionate.

Norris catches Steve talking to himself. Steve is clearly experiencing distress. At one point it seemed as if he might break down and he struggled to answer some of the questions. Steve blurts out that he thought that Tina's death was his fault.

There's further trouble for Steve. When he arrives back at the pub, Tracy says,'Here he is, phone a friend, you were pathetic on that stand.' To which Michelle and Liz give her short shrift.
Michelle reminds Tracy that she knows about trials. Tracy refutes this and says '2 words, Miscarriage of justice.' Michelle points out that it's 3 words. Steve is cross and yells, 'Pack it in the pair of you!' Well said Steve!

Away from the court, Eva is keen for Todd to get a job. Todd's situation is placing stress on her and Jason's relationship . She sees him sitting on a bench in he street and says, 'Hard at it?' Todd tells her that he is on a break. 'What from?' she asks, 'from fashion sense?' He is, after all, dressed rather oddly.

The scenes with Kylie, David and Callum felt a little disappointingly repetitive. Callum though does give us a good line. Kylie is in a hurry and he says, 'That's the trouble with people today, rushing here and there, not taking tome to smell the flowers.' Callum, you may well have a point there.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Simon acting like a baby again and throwing his arms around someone's waist. Rob this time. Its becoming a bit pathetic writers.

AmandaB said...

Also the way Simon acted like a 5 year old changing his mind about his Dad's guilt and even worse was blurting out his Dad's innocence the way he did, only an under 7 would do that.
The poor boy must be so embarrassed.

abbyk said...

Tonight also marked the return of the double arm cross. *sigh* Had not missed the double hen peck Steve one bit. I completely agree with Frosty & Amanda that formerly clever and wise beyond his years Simon is being written like a child, ridiculous. It was nice, however, to see Steve finally behaving like an adult. Instead of gurns and sophomoric plots, we saw a man wrestle with his conscience, pushed by friends and family, and finally exploding at his ex. Drama, not plot device. Very watchable.

I will miss Rob. He was so awful at first, but has become well integrated in the fabric of the street. He done wrong, we all know it, and he won't get away with it, but its been so nice having a villain with enough redeeming qualities you actually want him to stay.

Zagg said...

I agree, the scenes with Simon are difficult to watch. The throwing of the arms around any adult is now just coming across as pathetic. I hate to say that about a young actor, but he is what, going on 13? Enough of the babyish acting. I'm not saying that a 12 or 13 year old shouldn't show emotion...just not like this. It's just silly.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that the writers don't know any 12 year olds. Perhaps they could try consulting the actor who plays Simon. He's a very intelligent kid and a good actor (given appropriate lines!). I'm sure he has opinions about what he's being asked to portray.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I blame the directors for Simon's soppy behaviour. The young actor learnt how to play 'the sad little boy' when he first joined Corrie, and no-one has helped him move on. He could say the same lines with the attitude of a pre-teen and it would be much more realistic.

Anonymous said...

Simon was born in July 2003, which makes him 11 not 12-13. He's only just started weatherfield high which is right for his age. He still shouldn't be acting as a seven year old - maybe high school life will make him grow uр - or all the murderers and alchoholics around him ;)

Anonymous said...

The gesture makes sense - he's looking for a life buoy - so he hangs onto random adults for dear life. On the other hand, the actor's voice is beginning to crack, so he's also getting big enough to go mano a mano with the adults who dictate all the bad decisions for him. Interesting junction for the writers - hope they make something of it!

Anonymous said...

I would've preferred either Rita or her mum visiting Tina's grave rather than Simon as I found it contrived that after months of not talking about her,he suddenly misses Tina?I also wondered who put her photo on her grave?It seemed hokey to have it there.


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