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Monday, 6 October 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 6 Oct

Monday October 6th 2014
TONY’S SUSPICIONS ABOUT LIZ BEGIN TO MOUNT. Liz confides in Eileen and Sean that she is going to see Jim and tell him to stop victimising Peter. When Tony arrives home early from his trip she tells him she is going to see a girlfriend. But how will Tony react when Sean unwittingly lets slip where Liz has really gone?
TENSIONS BUBBLE BETWEEN KAL AND ZEEDAN. As the work begins on refurbishing the butchers and turning it into the community centre Kal asks Zeedan to go home and help prepare the Eid banquet but Zeedan says there is no way he will cook for Leanne. Alya is furious with her brother but Leanne tells Kal she feels uncomfortable causing the family problems. Meanwhile Gary and Alya find it hard to hide their feelings for each other and are nearly caught by Kal.
Elsewhere Kylie convinces Eva that Callum is her past and David and the kids are the only ones that matter to her.

Monday October 6th 2014
LIZ REFUSES TO BE COWED BY THE MEN IN HER LIFE. Faced with a furious Tony at the prison gates, demanding she doesn’t go in, Liz tells him that she doesn’t do ultimatums and continues into the prison to see Jim. But once inside she is furious when Jim tells her he will lay off Peter if she carries on visiting him. Back at the Rovers she finds Tony packing his bags - will she be able to persuade him to stay?
GARY IS CONFUSED BY ALYA’S MIXED SIGNALS. Gary and Alya continue to flirt whilst working on the butcher’s shop and Zeedan invites Gary to join them for the Eid celebrations. Later at the bus stop Alya steps in for a kiss - is she wanting to move their relationship on?
DEIRDRE KEEPS A LID ON HER EMOTIONS. Deirdre feels terrible about the predicament Liz is now in knowing that she went to visit Jim for her sake.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Liz! Will she ever be free if Jim, I don't think so. I love the scenes between Liz and Jim, they are the best bits at the moment. Couldn't care less about Kal and his family, although it is nice to see Gary given more airtime. The proposed community centre is not for the community it seems, just a select few. I wonder whether Kal's mother, sorry Ihave forgotten her name, has told the grant giving council that older people will not be welcome?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Why is Liz lying to Tony anyway? She has always been totally up front with him about Jim. Oh yes its so they can break up and Jim can move back when he returns to the Street just like the old days of the 90s.

Why is Leanne attending an EID banquet anyway? Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

If Liz and Tony break up, who will he go on to next I wonder? Perhaps Maria, although she is probably not feisty enough for him, or perhaps Steph, although I think she'd have more sense than to get involved with a wheelerdealer. It needs to be someone who doesn't mind bending the rules a bit. How about Tracey?

Nikki NZ aka NZ Coro Junkie said...

Even though Jim is being painted as a nasty villain, he and Liz sparkle onscreen together. There's a big hole in Liz's head reserved for Jim, and there's a big hole in Corrie where he belongs too.

Is anyone else all of a sudden enjoying Corrie again. I just had a big catch-up of two weeks episodes. Some of them were laugh out loud funny, thanks mainly to clever writing and great acting. I have loved every scene involving Tim and Eva of late (obviously not together). Sally's laryngitis was so convincing, I wondered whether the actress was crook and they worked an impromptu storyline around her!! And I'm purring whenever Kevin appears - which is quite the reverse of his brief cameo reappearance of a few months back.

Even Lloyd and Andrea have grown on me.

I get the Kylie storyline - let's not forget from whence she came, it's her rehabilitation that has required a suspension of disbelief, not her relapse.

The contrived scenes with the Nazir family are a bit irritating, but hopefully they'll settle in shortly. Otherwise they'll all disappear out the same exit as the Hopkins, the Claytons, half the Webster family and the kebab family (forget their names). (In fact, has anyone ever done a tally of the number of complete families who have been introduced to the Street and have worked versus those who haven't? The successes, off the top of my head, include the Tisleys, Duckworths, McDonalds and Grimshaws.)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Corrie will ever have Canadians on the show. They have people from all parts of the world on Corrie soso why not some Canadian actor or actress? Corrie is always mentioning characters going to Canada for this or that reason, why not have some part of Canada follow them home? Loved the maple syrup Ken brought home when he got back by the way. That is so quintessentially Canadian. :)

- Pod

Anonymous said...

I can see Tony and Tracy hooking up after Rob leaves.

Tvor said...

Anony.. yes I can see Tracy and Tony getting together.

Why shouldn't Leanne go to an Eid banquet? My father was not Catholic but was certainly welcomed to a Christmas Eve service or any other he attended with his family.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I wonder what will happen to Rob's share of the business. Carla will certainly put a stop to Tracy acting as though she's sole proprietor. I reckon it's the business, where he can offload his dodgy goods, rather than Tracy's charms that would persuade Tony to make a play for her.

John said...

Honestly there are some people on here who are so determined to find flaws that they resort to making them up.

Anonymous said...

If Liz & Tony broke up, I can see him getting back with Eileen, I think she secretly has a soft spot for him.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to offend but I think there is a double standard with regards to the Eid dinner.Gary who has a criminal record and emotional\mental issues is invited but Leeanne is not?Maybe Gary should be spending more time with his son?
As for Liz,one moment she was asking Michelle's advice on lipstick on her first prison visit but now she's suddenly more concerned about Tony.I hope Tina's murder\Peter's trial doesn't become al about Liz now as it dragged on too long already.


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