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Monday, 20 October 2014

Who are the Street's new Jack and Vera?

We have a guest post for you today, from Beth and Paul Irving from Canada. They have a video podcast on YouTube called Lost in Coronation Street, short and snappy opinions on what's going on lately on the Street (in the Canadian Timeline but Canada is only a week behind the UK air dates).  They think that Sally and Tim are the new Jack and Vera on the Street.. Here's their theory. Do you agree?

With all the talk of Coronation Street straying too far from its original charm, we would like to submit the following.

There have been many couples over the years that embodied this original charm. Jack and Vera come to mind immediately, although we realise that there have been others. It appears to us that the couple best suited to carry on the tradition of Jack and Vera is Sally and Tim. We can hear many of you shouting “Tyrone and Fiz”, “Kirk and Beth”. Through no fault of their own, Michelle and Steve are simply too modern. They are all great characters, but allow us to expound on our theory.

Jack and Tim are dedicated to the old “duck and dive”, unlike Tyrone and Kirk who are both dedicated grafters.

Jack and Tim have no problem telling their women a “porky” which gets them what they want in the short term, but a world of trouble and strife in the end. Tyrone and Kirk are simply too honest with their women.

Jack and Tim both love their women, but do not wear their hearts on their sleeves. You need to scratch at the surface which is frustrating but worthwhile. Tyrone and Kirk are open and obvious with their love.

Jack and Tim will sneak away for a cheeky pint with a passion that makes us want a pint too. They are charmingly mischievous. Tyrone and Kirk cannot enjoy a cheeky pint without constantly worrying about “getting home”.

Sally and Vera are working class, but with pretensions. Vera claimed lineage to the Royal Family and dubbed her house “The Old Rectory” with a plaque. Sally craves being the P.A to her boss, being the office manager or being “left in charge”. And of course, she has her “conservatory”. Fiz and Beth are proud grafters, without pretension or any belief in elevating their station.

While seeming rather straight on the surface, Sally and Vera both posses a charming “wackiness”. Fiz (at least, before motherhood) and Beth appear wacky but underneath are straight and solid.

Sally and Vera suffer their men’s flaws but always forgive them and "make up" in the end with a certain original Corrie charm. Fiz and Beth seem much more “modern" about it all. We are surrounded by “modern”, we want that old Corrie charm.

This is our theory and we present it with respect and a willingness to listen to your thoughts over a cheeky pint.

Beth and Paul

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Zagg said...

I never thought of it like this, but I think you are spot on!!

Vicky said...

Timely post as I was only thinking this the other night while watching Corrie and you could imagine Jack as Tim when he was stuck on the roof when Neil stole the ladder.

Frosty the Snowman said...

I like Tim and Sally, his groundedness balances her hoity toity ideas above her station ways. Really what is the point of Kevin these days? A great character in his day, he needs to find other avenues now.

Anonymous said...

I see them more as a possible Stan and Hilda Ogden. Personally I found Jack and Vera kind of vile, especially Vera.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Jack and Vera had been married about 20 years when we first met them so none of the current couples will have that much depth to their relationships. Tim and Sally are brilliant together and it's down to the actors' chemistry. I see them as a Jack Duckworth/Annie Walker team. Well, we don't know what happened after hours, do we?

Rosie said...

Yes Humpty, I see a lot of Annie Walker in Sally, put them behind the bar and Tim could easily become 'under the thumb' Jack

Anonymous said...

Totes Amaze-Balls!
Couldn't agree more.
If sally grows her hair a bit and gets a curly perm-- and Tim just drinks a few more beers, by Jove we've got it.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Webster is about to have a major story with a certain female and it's going to show us a new side to Kev. It might even melt Frosty.


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