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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - October 5 2014

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I’m really sorry that there was no update last week and with no prior warning either.  Life had a way of catching up and overtaking any writing I was planning to do last weekend, although it did involve a visit to the old Coronation Street set where I said my final farewell (you can read all about that here).   But I’m back at my computer now, wearing my weekly update hat and so without any further ado, here we go with this week’s words from Weatherfield and the Coronation Street Weekly Update.

The Square Dealers (remember them?) got a mention this week on Coronation Street when Yasmeen pointed out Sharif was away on a square jolly of a tour of highland whisky distilleries.  Although, as Yasmeen points out, what’s a Muslim man wanting to be doing that for, anyway? Well, it doesn’t matter to this fan. The fact that a nod was made to Dealing on the Square by a businessman of a certain age, put a smile on this fan’s face.  Yasmeen keeps busy this week trying to convert Fred’s old butcher shop into a community centre, I say community centre. I like the idea, in fact I like it a lot. And I also like Yasmeen, but she fair upset Emily this week when Emily put forward the idea of using the community centre as a base for the 1o’clock club.  Yasmeen’s got ideas grander than the 1o’clock club, she said. And by grander, she means younger, of course.

Sally’s not well this week, she’s full of cold and Tim does his best to look after her. But when Sally sends him to Dev’s shop with a shopping list, it’s apparent that Tim can’t read it. And it’s not because of Sally’s bad handwriting. It’s because Tim can’t read. How then he ever got in contact with daughter Faye over th’internet is a mystery to this fan and one that I hope Corrie explains.  Tim gets leaflets printed to promote his window cleaning round but panics after it’s pointed out that his ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ on his leaflets comes from cleaning Dirty Widows, not Windows.  Norris has palpitations behind the Kabin counter when he finds one of the leaflets stuffed through his letter box. Tim manages to rescue as many of the leaflets as he can, but not before his phone starts to ring off the hook, Sally takes one of the calls and gives short shrift to a pervy punter.

Kylie takes more of Max’s pills this week and then goes off in search of harder drugs in her old haunt. Amongst the breeze blocks in dog dirt city, Kylie meets up with her old mates Gemma and Macca and Callum, Max’s dad.   Only Eva knows what Kylie is up to spending time with her old mates in her old life. “You stole an actual bus?” Eva asks Kylie when she finds out the kind of crimes Kylie committed as a kid.  “It was only a single decker,” says Kylie and then she lies through her teeth to David about her whereabouts when she finally comes home.  Note that as the actresses who play Eva and Kylie are both pregnant in real life, there’s now lots of strategic placement of coats, handbags, cushions and much wearing of long floaty tops. 

Mary gets in the way of Julie and Dev sharing a bit of a moment together when she lets herself in and interrupts them in Dev’s kitchen.  Mary had been out to an organ recital with Roy where she wears a tie with piano keys printed on it.  “I got it from my old boyfriend, Conrad Taylor,” explains Mary about the tie. “And I still sometimes see him in town with his better half, Clive.”  Mary’s upset and jealous over Dev and Julie’s blossoming friendship and has a word with Dev. “All that talk of spirituality,” Mary moans to Dev about Julie, “She just wants to get her hands on your dhoti!”.  Dev takes Mary’s hands in his and tells her that under no circumstances does he have any romantic notions towards Julie. It’s news that takes Julie by surprise, as she hears it when she walks into Dev’s shop, and of course, we all know it’s also a bit of a lie. Dev and Julie could work, I really think they could.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

OK, I accept (almost) that Tim can get the gist of emails, but how did he manage to set it up on his computer? It takes forever with passwords and POP3 outgoing servers etc.

Sure, we can tell each other that he probably went to the library or some kind friend set it up for him. I don't want to be spoon fed the storylines, but we shouldn't have to fill in the gaping holes ourselves. I hope this is all explained in later scenes.

Wim said...

Didn't Tim originally turn up in Weatherfield after he and Faye reconnected on Facebook or some other social media site? I wouldn't mind this storyline if it didn't seem to come out of nowhere all of a sudden, with all the hints being dropped in the space of just a couple of episodes.

Anonymous said...

Since it seems that every 'issue' storyline leads to an affair,unfortunately,I suspect that Sally will dump Tim and recocnciles with Kevin[yawn!]yet again as I don't think it's a coicendnce that Tim is 'illerate'shortly after Kevin returns.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the producers have to work the stories around the actors personal circumstances, but I wish it wasn't done so clunkily. Now that the actor playing Kevin is able to come back to work, the ptb have to find him a story. Fair enough say I, but surely this can be achieved without making anonsense of all that has gone before?

Rachel said...

Wasn't the pub Kylie went to the old Jockey set from Shameless? If not, they made it look exactly the same!

Zagg said...

Yes, the Tim and illiteracy story line is so contrived it's insulting. We are to believe that he found his way around a computer and emails to find Faye, but can not soldier through a grocery list from the corner store. The reality is that the writers and PTB are simply ignoring the fact that we know Tim's brief history of how he came to the street.
You would think they would have a continuity person on staff to we can't go that route as we already introduced this aspect etc...
How difficult would that be? It's like they put story lines in hat and come up with whatever.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to recall whether there have been any scenes in which Tim has been shown reading since he moved to the street - a newspaper, a menu, etc. Does anyone remember any?

Martin S said...

Time buys a newspaper as a cover for his problem. He says he looks at the pictures and can just about figure out the football scores, so he can't be 100% illiterate.

I wonder if he ever buys Playboy? Certainly not (as many men claim) for the articles. ;-)


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