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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Coronation Street bus crash revealed for 2015

In a recent interview, Stuart Blackburn hinted that there will be an upcoming tragedy. He said:

"Yes, coming up in the New Year, there is a real tragedy that's going to affect a dozen or so of our characters. Last year we had David and the car crash and of course that was a stunt, but it genuinely felt like it had come from story. It wasn't us suddenly deciding that we needed to do something spectacular to get the viewers.

"It's the same with what we're planning, because it'll come from a relatively long-running story. It is going to be spectacular and a little bit heartbreaking!"

Now, ITV has released a few details. There will be an Underworld Works outing in the New Year. They all head out in a mini-van driven by Steve McDonald but there's a crash and some of the factory workers will end up in hospital with one person in critical condition. They'll film it before Christmas to air in the New Year.

As for Mr. Blackburn's remark about it coming from a long running story, I reckon if Steve is driving, it's only going to add to his current problems. In the state he's in, and he's only going to get worse before he gets better, I speculate that his attention gets distracted and a mistake ends up in this tragedy. Maybe that will be the catalyst that finally pushes him to get help. What do you reckon?

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abbyk said...

I reckon that there are too many people in need of but not receiving mental health services. Nick and the endless months of brain damage. Roy not attending a bereavement group. Gary and his PTSD induced rage. Kylie's return to drug addiction. Carla post rape. Except for Roy, who I don't believe would do well in a group hug situation, each untreated sufferer has harmed someone else. Steve has depression. He does nothing about it. Someone will get hurt. Same story different day. Boo.

Anonymous said...

We are going to end up with every last person on the street either having been in a serious accident or in jail.

Really - SB can't do better than that? I shake my head.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Oooo another "sensationalist" story with someone with ther life in the balance, tubed up in Weathy General with worried rellies being rude to the doctors and twisting their hankies. Then of course there will be another Lourdes style recovery with the patient up and about and home in days - this has been done absolutely to death writers and Mr Blackburn. This sort of tales have zero impact any more.

Humpty Dumpty said...

What can they expect if they dare to step outside the safe confines of Coronation Street, and in a minibus? Agree with AbbyK about not using mental health professionals and add to that social workers. Faye's family should have had post-adoption counselling to save a lot of problems occurring.

Following long shifts at Streetcars, Steve possibly falls asleep at the wheel. Let's see in the New Year which actor plans to leave Corrie. They'll the one to die in the crash.

Tvor said...

Katy wants to be a paramedic. Here's yer chance, chuck.

Anonymous said...

Rubbish storylines. SB cannot do better than this but someone else out there certainly can and should. Yes at one time it was suggested that a hospital and a prison move into the neighbourhood as a good portion of the residents spend time in either or both! Ridiculous!

And as for preaching about mental health and its pervasiveness, the soapbox that has been provided by this show is largely wasted as none of these characters needing professional intervention are shown seriously even perusing it. So not only are they badly handled from a story perspective, the message of 'recovery' through seeking professional help and intervention is lost. Well done Stuart B. and co. love to raise 'issues' as story themes but you haven't shown you have a clue as to how to deliver the message and/or tell a story so that the viewers are left with something other than a midday diversion from a rainy autumn workday.

Unknown said...

Thanks 11:13
Agree too with Abby K and 00:58 and Humpty and even you Frosty..
SB you need to watch this show if you want us to believe you pretend to care.


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