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Monday, 6 October 2014

Coronation Street Double Episode Review 6 October 2014

No sooner the word than the deed - the Community Centre is on its way, Gary and Ryan working hard at it. Yasmeen certainly doesn't waste time and appears as a force of nature. Fair enough - as she said last week, why should she stay at home knitting for great grandchildren who may never appear. Why not indeed! As long as it does what it says on the tin and it really is for everyone - what's not to like?

Why on earth did Liz lie to Tony about visiting Jim? Couldn't she have trusted Tony enough not to be jealous or angry, and told him the truth, especially as we know there is nothing to be jealous or angry about, is there? On returning home from Southampton something seems to have subtly changed in Tony. He seems to have missed Liz massively and tells her that he loves her. They kiss passionately and Tony wants to go out to celebrate, but Liz tells him that she has arranged to see a friend. Sean and Tony being at cross purposes, leads to Tony finding out the truth about Liz's afternoon's appointment at the prison. He follows her to the prison and confronts her at the gates. He gives her an ultimatum that if she goes in, they are finished. He wants to know why she is dressed up to the nines and she explains, convincingly enough, that it is about pride, that she wants to demonstrate to Jim that she is doing ok. Tony asks her again not to go in but she tells him, in no uncertain terms, 'I don't do ultimatums,' and marches in.

It's hard not to think Tony overreacts somewhat by packing his bag. It might though bring a smile to Eileen's face and heaven knows she needs something to smile about. There is no reasoning with Tony, and he tells Liz  that he doesn't  like what he sees. Liz returns to the bar, asks if Tony went out the back way and calls him a coward for doing so. 'No point dwelling,' she informs her staff. 'Not worth it.' She convinces no one,probably least of all herself.

There was a touching moment in the cafe where Roy reminds Ken that he has been called by the prosecution in Peter's trial. Roy tells Ken that he must speak the truth  about how Peter was when he saw him on the night of Tina's murder. Roy expresses to Ken that he very much hopes that what goes on in the court room will not damage their friendship. Ken confirms that it won't by means of a firm handshake and the single word, 'Never.'

Maddie and Tim shared a touching moment too, and the good thing about both Ken and Roy and Maddie and Tim's scenes is that sentimentality was avoided but clearly, respect  and affection were evident. Maddie really cares about Tim and wants to help him improve his literacy. Great to see Maddie benefit from her relationship with Sophie and with Sally and Tim to whom she is clearly grateful. Her caring side, which was so well hidden, except for her concerns over her little brother Ben, has emerged and she is so much more palatable now. Carla will stand no nonsense but must have seen something in Maddie to offer her a job.

Preparations for the celebration of Eid are underway and it is clear that Yasmeen does nothing by halves. She is an excellent hostess and invites her neighbours to join her family. Oh but what a pain Kal's son Zeedan is, especially compared to his sister, Alya. Kal tells him to grow up and Alya addresses him as 'you child.' It's not going to be easy to get him on side with Leanne.

Ken and Deirdre suffer a tirade from Liz, no doubt angry that the point of her visit to Jim was really for Deirdre, and that the visit resulted in Tony walking out. Deirdre looked very hurt and confused at Liz's rant.

The final scene was of Liz and Steve - Steve not obsessing about his mole for a while was touching.
He puts his arm round Liz and tells her that Tony wasn't worth it. Liz says, 'The trouble is, I think he was.'  

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Dilly Daydream said...

Excellent episodes yesterday. Really enjoyed them. Tick VG!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Tony was always cool about Jim, so his sudden jealous and frankly unreasonable behaviour is a bit of a turn around. Liz's tirade in the middle of "HER" pub, ahem doesnt it belong to Steve - against poor old Drear and Ken was disgraceful.

Beth and Kirk still banging on about this ridiculous wedding that they just cant afford, its boring me now.

Anonymous said...

Tony got out almost as fast as he got in...easy come easy go. I didn't see much chemistry between Mutton-dressed-as lamb Liz and Tony the thug masquerading as a legit trader/businessman. While I found Michelle behind the bar unbearable, I'm not entirely enthused with Liz being back in the show and behind the bar either.

I wonder if this show is well past its sell by date.

Anonymous said...

No, it's not.

Anonymous said...

I loved last night's episodes too, especially the Liz scenes. Great to see Bev Callard firing on all cylinders! I've always liked the character of Liz and Tony intrigues me actually. He displays so much loyalty to Liz and Jason and can be so caring and yet there's this menacing aspect to his character. I hope they get back together as Liz needs a bit of danger in her life. -NN

Zagg said...

Why do they keep plaguing us with unpleasant characters? I can not get my head around this Zeedan guy. I get that he is upset about his father but he's not 10 years old. He is just too stressful to watch, he's so evil looking ALL the time. It's just too much.

Anonymous said...

I really felt sorry for Ken and Deirdre,they didn't deserve that tirade for Liz who kept quiet about Peter and Tina and I wished someone would remind her of that.I was afraid that somehow Liz would be made a martyr at the Barlow's expense.

Dime said...

I agree he's a tool.

Anonymous said...

When Peter is found to be innocent - whenever that will be - the episode where everyone eats humble pie will be enormous fun to watch!


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