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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Corrie weekly awards Sept. 29 to Oct. 3

Evil Eye award: Mary is determined to undermine Dev and steer him and Julie away from each other.

SOPOD award: Even Eileen can tell a phrase of Doom when Lloyd reckons he and Andrea are in it for the long haul.

Pants on Fire award: Tim pretended he'd put in the application form. Well, he did. He put it in the bin!

Workout wonder: Julie's workout gear is bound to give her energy. Bright colours will make you feel more zesty!

Out of the Land of the Lost award: We saw Aadi, Asha, Rita *and* Emily this week!

Tarty award: No, Liz, it's not actually the hair that looks tarty, it's the cleavage!

Sound effects win: The bus picked up Kylie and Eva. Inside the cafe, you could hear the bus engine rattling as it moved off.

Spellcheck Fail: Even spell check would have passed "Dirty Widows". What we need is a Smutcheck.

Lines of the week:
Roy to Tim "You'll get as much nourishment from a good book as you will from anything I will serve you" (I agree!)
Kylie "I want to save my marriage, not blow it to smithereens"
Sean "The only spinning I do is on the dance floor. That's how i get my exercise. Dancercize. Drinkicize. Flirticize. "
Kylie "No more secrets" (get the feeling it's only just begun?)
Mary "I'm a very spiritual person, too, but I tend to keep quiet about it. Genuine people do." Emily "She's a Friend of Weatherfield General but I get the impression the General wishes she wasn't!" (Emily! Back in style!)
Mary "Four hands. Two baby grands. One kind of magic!"
Eileen "Is it just me or is everyone a bit weird today?"
Eileen "Go on. Say something normal" Norris "That blouse doesn't suit you" Eileen "I suppose I asked for that" (well, it made me laugh!)
Norris "I do NOT gossip" (Oh Emily, where did your eyebrows go?)

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Anonymous said...

Tim's flyer mistake is hardly indicative of illiteracy; there are plenty of companies that produce and distribute adverts with type-os and grammatical errors. The fact that this one is particularly silly is just reflective of soap.

John McE said...

I know it was implausible, to say the least, but the whole misspelt flyer story, was very funny. From Norris's outrage, and the fact that the viewer didn't see what had offended him, to Sally answering Tim's phone. Priceless.

And so good to see Corrie handling a comedy storyline well again, after last week's pathetic stranded on a roof plot.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Not rough enough award: now Callum is supposed to be a low life sink estate crim but he actually looks like he should be on the front of some magazine. Handsome enough to be a male model so not credible to be Max’s errant drug taking father imo. What would he have seen in Kylie anyway?

In the pink award: If Eva had turned up in that pink designer suit with her hair all done to a rundown old boozer on a rough council estate, at best she would have got the Mickey taken out of her, at worse probably had it nicked off her. Ridiculous.

What a saint award: Surprised Maddar isn’t tripping over her halo she is so helpful to everyone these days. Someone should recommend her for the Pride of Britain awards.

Shouter award: I am sure the actress who plays Yasmin is used to performing on the stage so had to project her voice. Someone should tell her she doesn’t need to do it for television; she must deafen everyone around her and is very annoying to listen to and watch.

Mind your own business award: Dev should tell Mary to butt out; her behaviour towards Julie is rude and disgraceful.

Meeting place award: why are all the Nazirs constantly hanging around the gym like the smell of yesterday’s fish. Never been to a gym where 3 generations of a family hang around the reception getting in the way. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

SOPOD? I get that the POD part is "phrase of doom" but what does the SO stand for?

Anonymous said...

SO = soap opera?

Tvor said...

Yes. Soap Opera Phrase Of Doom :) You can spot them a mile away!

Zagg said...

I agree with John least this storyline as implausible as it is, is way better than the "one the roof" debacle. Honestly in all my years of watching Corrie, I have never witnessed anything on the screen that was more ridiculous and poorly written. It was embarrassing. For the life of me, we could not understand why Liz was screaming like a banshee, insisting that Tim's ladder NOT be given to Tim (even for 2 minutes) to allow him to get down from his own bloody roof. Was it supposed to be funny? There was no point to it at all.
And with all those "men" standing there watching....Andrea had to simply drop into their collective arms. She wasn't all that high up for Pete's sake. It was a very badly written Keystone Cops disaster. I still can't get my head around how bad it was.


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