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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Blog interview with Marc Baylis about Rob's confession

Last night Peter was found guilty. He was thrown back into his cell and his future looks much more than just bleak. Beyond bleak because, he is not guilty - Rob is the guilty one. Although he was there when the verdict was passed, it would have been madness to have expected Rob to confess. Carla certainly noticed her brother's desire to get away from the court room as swiftly as possible. How hard it must be to face the fact that another man, your sister's husband, your brother in law, in fact, has been sent down for - we will find out exactly on Friday - many years.

So what now? How long will it take the Soap Gods of justice to put things right?

Rob has a wedding to attend - his own, and never was there a bride more insistent on looking the best that she can be than Tracy Barlow and though it is hard to give anything to Tracy she does indeed look stunning. Amy looks very sweet and is swift becoming Tracy's 'mini- me' in her attitudes and self-absorption.

Tracy arrives in a beautiful horse drawn carriage at her wedding venue. Rob is there a lll scrubbed up very nicely as is his best woman, his sister Carla.

BUT, unbeknown to Tracy, as her hen night is in full swing,that not far away, in Carla's flat, something mind boggling is taking place.

Carla and Rob have endured much to gather and have always helped and supported each other. They know each other very well too and their difficult childhood together helps them to interpret the slightest raise of an eyebrow.

So, Carla realises that Rob must be the killer. She probes and prods until his alibi is in ruins and he actually admits that he killed Tina. It is a mesmerising scene and we were lucky enough to have a preview of what will be screened next week.

I put some questions to the very charming actor, Marc Baylis, who plays Rob with such brilliance.

Why does Rob finally confess?

The burden of his guilt is too much to endure and he has lied so much that Carla's questions make him realise the game is up. Carla backs him into a corner from which there is no escape.

What does Rob believe Carla will do now she knows the truth? 

It seems that he thinks that his confession will remain a secret between him and his sister so is shocked when he realises that Carla has every intention of phoning the police. To prevent her from doing this, he grabs hold of her phone and keys, locking them both in. They can hear the hen night in the Rovers, which forms the back drop to the emotional events unfolding in Carla's flat. Carla is numb for a while when her suspicions are confirmed. A sense of right then kicks in and she has to dowhat is right, even though she knows that her relationship with her brother will be over. She also feels that for Ken and the Barlows, she must speak the truth, no matter what.

How does Rob cope with the wedding, knowing that his sister knows he killed Tina and doesn't intend to keep quiet about it?

He is profoundly troubled, not only because his sister now knows that he is a murderer but also because he genuinely loves Tracy and she loves him and they really do want to get married.

We know now that Rob is leaving The Street, so how does the wedding go?

Not smoothly! You'll see very soon...It has though been an absolute blast being partnered with Tracy. Kate Ford and I live near each other in London, so hopefully we'll keep in touch. I'll miss Ali King, Carla, too. Two fabulous women to work with!

What now for Marc Baylis?

Well, I'm in Sleeping Beauty as Prince Charming over Christmas and I can say that the phone is ringing.

Will you come back to Coronation Street? 

Never say never!

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Anonymous said...

Where on earth did the money come from to pay for this posh wedding? Certainly not from the poky little back street pawn shop? Unbelievable!


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