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Sunday, 12 October 2014

A pregnant pause

There will be some noticeable absences in Weatherfield over the coming months. Actresses Jennie McAlpine, Catherine Tyldesley and Paula Lane will all be temporarily leaving their roles when they go off on maternity leave.

Lovely news for all three although it does mean the viewers face a few months of bumps being hidden by bulky coats, big cushions and other unconvincing props. Perhaps we can all play a game of spot the baby bump?

Of the three, I think I will miss Eva the most. She has really come into her own following the departures of Stella and Gloria and I love her character, particularly now she is teamed up with Jason. It has been good to see her standing by her mate Kylie in recent episodes too, they make a good double act. 

The question is, how will Eva, Fiz and Kylie depart? I think we can be sure that Cilla's arrival back in Weatherfield will have something to do with Fiz's temporary exit. Who knows what the mother from hell will get up to during her return stint. I have mixed feelings about seeing Cilla again. She was part of some very funny moments when she first appeared but she really was just too outlandish and over the top by the end. I wouldn't mind seeing her mate Yana again though, I loved her! 

Kylie's exit also seems set to involve her deeply dubious ex, Callum and her spiralling drug habit. I might be a bit critical, but it feels like Kylie's drug problem has come from nowhere. I don't recall it being mentioned before (although I may be wrong). 

Paula Lane is a cracking actress but all this yo yoing back and forth from good to bad is doing my head in. It all feels very "plot device" to allow an exit, much like Tina's unconvincing affair with Peter Barlow. Anyway, whatever happens we can rest assured it will involve more heartache and misery for the Platts. 

Finally, back to the lovely Eva. I have no clue how she will leave the cobbles, she seems content with her life at the moment on screen so there will need to be an almighty shift to break that up. I wonder whether her involvement in all things dodgy chez Grimshaw will play a part? She seems quite fond of Todd and Tony despite their wrongdoings, so who knows where that could take them all? I hope Eva's brief exit will not mean the end of her relationship with Jason as of all the Corrie couples at the moment, they are one of my favourites.

So how do you see these three Corrie characters departing in the weeks and months ahead? 

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Anonymous said...

For me, Kylie is the strongest character out of the three but for some reason, every time she gets a big storyline, she ends up being ruined. I will be glad when this storyline ends because this time I'm just not enjoying watching her ruin her life with David and the kids and I'm not enjoying the scenes where she suddenly can't stay away from her old pub or her ex boyfriend/drug dealer. Paula's such a great actress but sadly this story feels forced.

I really like Eva. Her friendship with Kylie is great and she will be missed. I can see her 'needing' to visit Stella for a few months.

Fiz will probably 'need' to go with Cilla for a few months too.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I hope Eva doesn't split permanently with Jason. Perhaps she realises Todd is breaking up her relationship with her brother and escapes to Stella for a breather. Would be nice if there was a baby Grimshaw in the future.

Humpty Dumpty said...

*his* brother ie. Jason

Tvor said...

It's unfortunately that sometimes storylines do have to be a bit contrived to facilitate the exit of characters, permanent or temporary so I tend to give them a bit of slack.

Kylie's past has always been played close to her chest. It was likely more than just being a rubbish mother that got Max taken off her so it isn't much of a surprise that drugs may have been involved. Perhaps a stint in rehab followed by a visit to Becky?

I think Eva will probably visit Stella, perhaps she's ill or something. At least Eva has the bar to hide her bump behind!

And we do know that Cilla's return is going to somehow take Fiz out of the game.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I suspect that Eva will visit Stella, too. They were always so close and I always thought Cath T and Michelle C were very convincing as mother and daughter.

Flo said...

I agree with Eva going to visit Stella. Perhaps Kylie will just do a stint in a drug rehab clinic. Or she runs off for a bit after she decides she's a crap mom and then comes back asking forgiveness. I hope they don't get rid of either of these characters, love them both.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Well once people disappear they are soon forgotton and apart from Eva I wouldnt be sorry if either of the other two didnt return at all, especially Fizz who I think has run her course now.

Shan said...

It would be interesting to see them have things with Kylie get so bad she runs off to stay with Becky, abandoning the children and David. While she's gone, David could start life over (love interest since the writers can't leave anyone single for long) and then of course, just when things are good for him, she comes walking back in.

Eva will definitely go to Stella but why? I'm sure it will have something to do with Todd.

As for Fiz, Cilla will take her away. I wonder though, will she leave Hope with Tyrone or take her with her.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cilla will do something so horrible while she's on the Street that when she leaves in 6 weeks, Fiz will chase after her?

I also wonder if Todd will steal everything Eva owns or clean out her bank accounts or somehow steal and ruin her identity so that she has nothing left but to run to Cilla?

Kylie should be convicted for drug trafficking, forced to attend rehab and then do some time. I like the idea of David moving on with his life, being a single parent of sorts to the kids (since we all know Gail will be all over that like a dirty shirt) and then once life has settled down, Kylie can return to stir the pot.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I meant Stella! Wow, talk about out of sight out of mind...

Anonymous said...

tongue in cheek comment-soap stars should not have a life outside their soap opera in order not to distress the viewers!!
best of health to all three of the expectant mums and their babies. Their is nothing better than spending time with your new baby. hope you will all return to coronation street when the time is right for you as you all are part of what makes the show for the people who love it.


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