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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Coronation Street autumn spoilers on video

ITV have released video with spoilers and previews of upcoming storylines over the next month or so. We start off with Rob and Tracy's wedding falling apart, Rob doing a runner quite literally. We get hints of the fallout but it doesn't give away if Rob is caught or not or how.

We meet Michael's son Gavin and from the little we see here, it seems like he might be a bit grasping. I get a bad feeling about this! Kylie's involvement with Callum continues, as well. It all looks quite exciting!

Here's a YouTube version that non-UK people can view.

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Annie said...

That's 'Autumn', Tvor :)

Barrie.T said...

So now that we've seen absolutely everything theres no point in watching. At least with Eastenders theres suprises as they dont play continuous spoilers. I think Steves depression is being handled very badly. Its another complete personality change to fit in with a storyline. He's never shown one sign of being down in 25 years. Even after being in prison and all the failed marriages. Now he's depressed because his Dad supllied Peter Barlow with alcohol?? Hmmm. I'll miss Rob, he's a good character played by a nice guy. Thats a nasty fake scar Todd has, surely they cant fake it for 10 years, it's bound to heal just after xmas. I like the sound of Gail being ripped off, we never saw that coming if its true.

John said...

Hang on a minute Gail's already been ripped off to the tune of £40,000 how can she have anymore money left?

Anonymous said...

This trailer is supposed to excite us? Most of it is rubbish. I agree that Steve's depression story is getting more and more unbelievable. Why do we need a depression story anyway? Everything around Steve is depressing anyway -- Tina's murder and the fallout, Owen and Anna losing the family home, Michael's heart condition...Kylie -- if you must have a depressed character at least saddle them with clinical depression -- just because SB wants to get on his soapbox and preach that ANYONE can get depression we have to take this? Anyone can get depression because life can be depressing for anyone! But this is a TV show and if there isn't even a smidgeon of a story in it, the audience can't follow or swallow it.

Madame Pompadour said...

I see that Tracy goes on the run with Rob - please please please let her not come back!

Michael's son is a good looking guy!

I personally think Michael woudl be better off with Eileen as dreary Gail just drags everyone down.

Anonymous said...

I've a feeling that Rob will successfully flee the country, thereby evading justice.

That will leave the door open for a return at a future date maybe in a series of specials.

Tvor said...

I think most of the storylines look really good. I can completely believe that Steve could develop depression. It doesn't matter that we've never seen Steve down before, that's not what depression is. In fact, the "comedians" are the ones that often do suffer it, with their jolly, goofy exterior masking it. Robin Williams. Case in point. It's not a personality transplant. Well, it is a personality change but that's down to the depression. Some of you may not buy it or understand it but I do and i think Simon Gregson/Steve is the perfect actor/character to feature this.

Annie.... tomato, tomahto. ;)

Tracy doesn't want to go to jail, she doesn't want to see her brother in jail either. I think without Rob, it's a case of Carla's word against the conviction with no proof yet. She knows where the murder weapon is (in the canal, where fingerprints and blood will be washed off by now) and Peter still could have put it there. No, I think Rob will get nicked.

John said...

Exactly Tvor some of the comments on here show why we have such a poor attitude to depression and mental health in this country.

Anonymous said...

Wish we could see it in Canada :(

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 18.22 -- try YouTube. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Tvor said...

that's very strange. I was able to see the Youtube that I posted here this morning (from Canada)and now it won't work for me.


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