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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Corrie Weekly Awards for Oct. 6 - 10

Troublemaker award: Carla brought up being Rob's "Best man/Woman" just so she could see Tracy's reaction.

Throwback Monday award: Jason recalling Fred Elliott, I say, Fred Elliott!

Faulty Memory award: Jim thinks he always made Liz feel she was loved. That would be all the times except for the ones he knocked her around, that is.

Burnout award: Kirk and Beth are going to push themselves over the edge for this wedding

Get off the pot award: Steve's obsession over this mole has lasted over a week. Why did it take him so long to go to the doctor about it if he was that worried?

Loyalty award: Ken and Roy.

Lines of the week:
Gary about Zeedan "He's a good lad, really. Just misses his mam"
Liz to Tony "You konw the last time I let a man tell me what to do? Never!" leading to "I don't do ultimatums" (That's the Liz we know and love"
Jim to Liz "I think you should be choosing your men by comparing them to me!" (He's right, she does)
Eva to David "It was a girly chat and if I tell you, I might get exterminated by the Sisterhood"
Carla "Start whacking!" (poor Kirky)
Tracy to Rob "Are you trying to ruin my special day?" (It's his special day, too!)
Steph to Steve "Looks like you've had a fight with a felt tip pen"
Ken to Peter "They can prove you're an alcoholic, a bigamist, an adulterer, but none of that means you're a killer"
Callum "You think you're too good for me, now?" Kylie "I were always too good for you"
Sinead "Traditional. It's just another word for boring!" (I can't wait to see their wedding!)

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Rossie said...

Fly caught in a web award - Kylie being sucked back into her old life. Run Kyli run! Back to David as quick as you can
! Bottom of the class in business nouse - Michelle paying thedeposit on the helicopter Out Of Her Own Money instead of getting it from Rob and Tracey first. Whatever happened to the suprt businesswoman who ran the faktry almost single-handed back in the day?
Caught in the headlights award - Rob on being told he had to attend the trial.

John McE said...

I'm prepared to be proved wrong, but as I remember it the ONLY time Jim hit Liz was when, after they had both had plenty to drink at an army reunion do, Liz told Jim on the way home that she'd had an affair with his best friend, someone they had just spent the evening talking to.

I'm not condoning it for one minutes, but IIRC it was a one-off incident caused largely by being drunk.

Perhaps someone with a better memory than me can confirm whether he hit her on other occasions or not... but if he did, I certainly don't remember it. And I'm fed up with continually reading that Jim was a serial wife-beater. He wasn't.

And I wish they'd also remember that he initially went to prison for a revenge attack on someone who had nearly killed Steve, his son.

As I remember, he had a successful career in the army, was a strict disciplinarian with his sons, and was a hard worker once he left the army. Which, makes me even more disappointed that they have turned him into a prison thug in his latest reappearance.

He was no angel, but he was a decent family man, who loved his wife and children.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Be fair to Steve. If this was real life, he would have left his mole for a year, added to which he's depressed which often leads to apathy. He's a British male and they generally have to be at death's door before they go to the GP.

Anonymous said...

Male Model Look Award - Callum

He does not look like a low life drug dealer who would be dealing drugs on a council estate and making eyes at Kylie Platt. The actor would be right for Hollyoaks.

Tvor said...

John, on screen we only saw Jim hit Liz the one time. I remember her remarking that in his disciplining the boys, he'd push them around sometimes and I think her as well. We've seen her a couple of times stand in front of one of the boys when it looked like Jim was going to smack them or push them around. From what I always understood, the one time we saw him actually hit her was the only time he'd crossed that line.

Yes, Jim loved his family and was a fairly good father and husband but his temper when drinking got him into trouble more than once. It wasn't difficult for him to beat the tar out of Jez after his attack on Steve, that blind red rage again. He's had to be tough to survive in prison and I'm not all that surprised he's turned to being a prison thug as he probably felt he had already lost his family and had nothing else to lose.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12;32, I agree with your comments completely regarding Callum. He is very good looking and certainly doesn't look like drug dealer. He is a lot better looking than weasel faced David. In my humble opinion in real life Callum wouldn't look twice at Kylie.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with John McE's take on Jim as I have also asked myself, when did Jim beat Liz and pose a threat to the boys?? Also since when did Steve decide he hated his father when it was him that prevented Steve from being killed and whether Jim enjoyed his booze or not, it is pretty hard to hate a person that saves your life. I think a real disservice has been done to the Jim character and changing the history of a character for sensationalism is poor writing. What are we going to hear next that Emily was a hooker??

Humpty Dumpty said...

I guess they had to explain why Liz and Steve hadn't been to visit Jim in prison. Obviously, the truth is that Corrie had forgotten about the character until they decided to bring him back. Hence, Steve hating his dad which is actually far harder to believe than Liz feeling that way.

Anonymous said...

Anon 19:17 - I've lived with an alcoholic partner who is a bad drunk. The fact is you can never let down your guard, which is soul-destroying. I agree with Tvor that Jim's volatility was something Liz had to deal with on a regular basis, meaning that she became one of those strong Corrie women by placing herself between Jim and the twins. Being Jim's wife was no picnic, not even in the early years.

Anonymous said...

The current meeting between Jim and Peter is interesting because, while Peter - in this day and age - is classified as a destructive alcoholic, Jim - in his time - while ravaging similar harm on his loved ones, was considered just a guy who liked his jars. If you take away the time filters, they are very similar in their weaknesses.

Get off! said...

I don't care if Jim is a serial wife-beater or not. He's a mumbling nitwit, dumb as a jackass, and nothing more than a bully. I'd like to see the back of him for good and have no idea why he's even mentioned, never mind returned to the screen!

Anonymous said...

Oh Get off!! I couldn't disagree with you more!

Jim is a great character, they should bring him back permanently.

Anonymous said...

I disagree about Callum. First, he's not THAT good looking. And second, there's always that one guy in the dirtbag crowd that is way hotter than he should be and has a harem of women at his disposal. Kylie probably felt pretty lucky to have anyone love her, and to get the alpha male...super score. I think Callum WOULD look at her, because as drunk and stupid as she sometimes gets...she's a smart one inside.


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