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Monday, 20 October 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie- Monday 20 Oct

Monday October 20th 2014
IT’S JUDGEMENT DAY FOR PETER. In his prison cell, a nervous Peter waits for the jury to reach a verdict. Jim winds him up telling him he may as well accept he’ll be behind bars for life. Peter’s solicitor arrives to reveal that the jury have reached a verdict and he’s required back in court. Peter anxiously awaits the verdict.
ROY STRUGGLES TO COPE POST BREAK IN. Roy’s clearly not himself since the break-in and is unnerved to spot a couple of teenage louts hanging around again. He locks himself into the cafĂ©.
JIM DROPS A BOMBSHELL ON LIZ. Tony and Liz continue their hostilities, neither willing to back down. Meanwhile Liz visits Jim in prison and tells him she doesn’t intend to visit again. But she’s stunned when Jim announces that he’ll be able to visit her in future as he’s being moved to an open prison.
Elsewhere Promising David she’ll clean the house and prepare a meal for Gail and Michael’s return, Kylie secretly takes another wrap of speed. Owen breaks the news to Anna that they’ve received the repossession order and have to be out of the house in 28 days. Anna’s worried sick.

Monday October 20th 2014
PETER’S VERDICT CAUSES SHOCK WAVES. Peter’s stunned as the verdict is revealed, while Rob does his best to hide his feelings. Is Peter going down for a murder he didn’t commit or will the search for the real killer commence? Carla is now convinced of Peter’s innocence and tells Rob she wonders who really killed Tina.
STEVE IS FURIOUS ABOUT JIM’S BLACKMAIL. Jim admits to Liz that he hopes once he’s released, they can get back together. Horrified at the thought, Liz tells him it’s never going to happen. How will Jim react? And how will Steve react when Liz explains that Jim was never bothered about seeing him again, it was just a ruse to try and win her back.
ROY CAN’T AVOID GOING HOME FOR EVER. Roy joins Fiz, Sinead and Beth in the pub. Sinead realises he’s avoiding being home alone and is clearly still nervous as a result of the burglary.
Elsewhere Gail and Michael return from their holiday and are impressed to find Kylie’s tidied the house and made a meal. Kylie covers her unease but when she reaches for another wrap of speed will she be caught in the act? When Faye finds some estate agent details, Anna and Owen are forced to admit they’re moving and it might mean a change of school.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Why would Gail go away the week of Tina's trial? You would have thought being as they were close she could have had her week away at the Lakes with Les Dennis another time. I liked Michael Rodwell at first but now I see he is back, my heart sank, more down in the dumps behaviour with Gail fawning and talking in a silly voice to look forward to.

Tvor said...

Even stranger, Tina's mother did not appear to be in the gallery watching either.

Anonymous said...

Frosty,I think Gail's and Tina's close relationship ended when Tina falsely accused Gail of murdering her father.Besides David was in the gallery representing the Platt family and perhaps Peter was found guilty and that's why he's smiling?

Anonymous said...

More to the point Where's Tina's Mum ?

Anonymous said...

Well I see all it takes to be convicted in soapland is to look a bit angry after leaving someone's house, don't the screen writers ever think about these things, there was 0 evidence. No blood on his clothes, no murder weapon and no motive!

Anonymous said...

Wow is Corrie ever going off the rails...the only think saving it is the excellent actors (for the most part). The storylines are abysmal. If you execute crap with craft, it is still crap. I think the main problem is the lack of continuity and coherence. Many characters don't interact as they 'should' or with whom they should.They don't act or react consistently with their character (like Simon having to act way too young; or Tyrone suddenly being a vindictive sod; or Dierdre acting like an airhead; and how ludicrous is it that her mother is not at Tina's trial- and she is not even mentioned!). There are so many holes and contrived situations that suspension of disbelief is impossible and it is now just disbelief. I hate to say it, but I started tuning into Eastenders a couple of years ago although I always preferred Corrie. But this past year, Eastenders has been brilliant and gripping- while Corrie has been cringe worthy and abysmal- save for a few story lines. What's going on? I don't believe the actors are better- but the nuances, the stories, the development, in EE vs CS- the contrast is just undeniable now. Just my opinion and I wonder if others have seen this too. I still love CS, I just want it to get better! It needs a serious, serious retooling. I don't know how, or what, I just know it mostly sucks right now. Tabby in Montreal


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