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Friday, 31 October 2014

The latest Corrie wedding disaster

It's wedding time in Coronation Street again. This time it's everyone's idea of a match made in hell. As Kevin so rightly said "Anyone saying I Do to Tracy Barlow is like a turkey voting for Christmas".

Anyone marrying Tracy Barlow has to be out of their minds, right?

Well, not necessarily. We have seen how Rob and Tracy really seem to be suited to each other, more than Tracy even realised as it turns out. I don't think Rob's conviction for murder, if there is one, will get overturned.

Personally, I enjoyed the wedding episodes. It was another tram crash waiting to happen once Rob confessed to Carla. I did wonder why Carla gave Rob the tip off which led him out the door and over the fence but I suppose she just felt too torn with her loyalties.

Anyway, There's lots of wedding chat, fashion observations, wedding photos and side notes over here on State of the Street.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

If your brother was about to get wed and you'd discovered he was a murderer, wouldn't you let him have his honeymoon first? That would be your last act of kindness, but then there'd be no drama at the wedding. Tim, Sally and Kevin are a nice little gang. Hats off to them for making it work.

Anyone who's seen Scott and Bailey, Frost, you-name-it knows that a suspect is entitled to have a solicitor present when they are interviewed. Not realistic that Tracy would have blurted all that out immediately. Saving on actors' wages, Corrie? It wouldn't even have been a speaking part.

Ridiculous storyline for Cilla. Why does she need 24 hour supervision because she's got osteoporosis? Originally a great idea for a medical issue but ruined by an unrealistic script.

You could see the Kirk/Sean/waiter gag a mile off, but it was still quite amusing.

abbyk said...

I really felt for Carla. She summed it up, doing the right thing for her worthless etc husband instead of standing by her flesh and blood. Felt for Ken, too, balancing the Peter and Tracy situations without Deirdre - did anyone call her?

There were some nice one liners - you should be in your element! - and loved Kev, Tim and the pints. The medical dramas were tedious (your over 50, guess what, stuff stops working, esp if you're overweight), but do like how David is the voice of wisdom chez Platt. One huge faux pas, tho', giving dairy allergic Amy a milkshake. I think I heard the howling from across the Atlantic and the Bay of Fundy.

Now, what was that thing about "funny accents" on American night?

Nikki NZ said...

I thought Kate Ford played a blinder in Friday's episodes. My heart went out to Tracy despite her normally vile nature.

I also worry for Anne Kirkbride. The explained absence of Deirbre defies all possible belief. AK must have had to leave suddenly for that gap in the storyline to occur. She is of course absolutely entitled to her privacy, and this is not about prying. But Kia kaha to her anyway.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Surprised that everyone with a Coronation Street addess is not banned from every wedding venue and Church within a 500 mile radius. Would have felt sorry for anyone had it not been Tracy. Ken has lost a lot of weight is he OK? The police were portrayed as heartless, obnoxious and bungling as ever. Why did Mary have to take Amy, why didnt her father or her granny Liz take her?

I groaned when Cilla returned, all so contrived.

And more depression from Michael Rodwell - instead of these people moping around wallowing in self pity, get a control of your lives, lose weight, keep out the boozer and do some exercise. Kept thinking of Gail bizarrely wearing Ken's kimono which he has probably sat around in his pants or even in the nak!

Anonymous said...

The "Just Arrested" quip as Tracy was driven away in a police car was a stroke of genius. Less so the revelation at the end that Rob's mobile phone had been switched on all the time and was still 'live' in the B&B. So in real life one of the first things the police would have done was trace the location of his phone and use that to find him.

Anonymous said...

I bet Emily and co have a snack before any wedding she attends nowadays. She never actually gets to eat at a reception as it always blows up in their faces- Micky

Tvor said...

I don't think any of the adults were allowed to leave the venue while the police were inquiring. Mary probably got permission to take Amy home. Good catch about the milkshake, I forgot about that. The state that poor kid was in, i doubt she would have drank it anyway.

Yeah the Keystone Cops in Weatherfield aren't always the sharpest, are they? Mobile Phone tracking should be first on the list.

AmandaB said...

The voice in the background telling the wedding photographer what to do made me loathe Michelle even more, such a ridiculous piece of script. Yet more proof that current writers appear to be far too young with no real life experience on which to base their writing.

Tvor said...

Oh yes, Amanda that really ticked me off. No photographer worth his salt would ever allow anyone else to dictate his work like that.

AmandaB said...

I was hoping the photographer was going to knock her out with his tripod and chuck her in the lake to be eaten by rabid swans!

corrieqooq said...

Hope Michelle got her money up front and this wasn't done on spec... Lol, but this is pretend isn't it.


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