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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - the one with the trifle

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There were a few nods to the past this week when both Fred Elliot, I say Fred, and Alf Roberts got a mention. It’s always good to know that characters are not forgotten when they’re gone.  Fred gets a mention, I say Jason talks about him, when conversion work begins on the old butchers shop as Yasmeen cracks on with plans to reopen it as a community centre.  Speaking of Yasmeen, it’s Eid this week and she invites Norris, Emily and Gary chez-Sharif  for tea. Norris is a bit worried about the food being too spicy and hot because spicy and hot is what Norris is not.

However, it’s exactly just what Liz is.  She plays a blinder this week with her outfits of choice including a gold shiny jacket and a pair of hot pink satin leggings. Fortunately the jacket and leggings weren’t worn at the same time, that would have been too much, even for Liz, but she’s got much on her mind when Tony threatens her not to continue visiting Jim in the big house.   She tells Tony she’ll see whoever she likes (go L-i-i-z! go L-i-i-z!) and Tony packs his bags and walks out. 

Steve’s worried about a mole on his arm. He gets so wound up about it that he gets Eileen to draw a big red ring around it on his arm so he can tell if it grows while he’s watching it. It doesn’t, of course, and after much moaning to Michelle and Liz, he’s packed off to the GP to get the mole seen to. The GP reassures Steve that all is well, it’s Just A Mole. “Are you sure there’s nothing else on your mind?” the doc asks Steve, concerned. Steve laughs off the question and stands to leave the consulting room but he knows he has to talk to the doc about what’s really bothering him. “I can’t seem to get through the door,” Steve tells the doc in a quiet voice, before sitting back down in his seat and confiding that he’s having some problems with worry, anxiety, being hung up on the small stuff and a lack of concentration. The doc tells Steve it sounds as if he’s depressed, but Steve smirks this off. Depressed? Steve? He pulls himself together and walks out of the surgery and back to the pub where Liz wonders what’s going on with her son.

There’s two Weatherfield weddings being arranged right now. In the red corner we have Tracy and Rob’s big shenanigans-do with Michelle in charge of organising the cake, a harpist for the harpie and a helicopter that Tracy now decides she doesn’t want. She also doesn’t want Carla upstaging her but it looks like that might just happen when Rob asks Carla to be his best man.  A perfect idea, methinks.

And in the blue corner are Beth and Kirk, working every extra minute they can to raise funds for the best and biggest wedding that Kirk can afford. But after falling asleep in the packing boxes at the factory, Kirk knows he can’t continue working so hard to raise the money for the wedding of Beth’s dreams. And that’s when Sinead comes up with a plan. She offers to upcycle and recycle with as much vintage, retro flair as she can.  Beth’s not keen until Sinead tells her it’s what all the celebrities are doing these days and then she’s all over it as if it’s the best thing since sliced vintage white bread.

Deirdre’s gone off this week after chucking a trifle at the wall. Mind you, if I was married to Ken, I’d have to get my kicks somehow.  She loses the plot when the Barlows bicker over Peter’s upcoming trial, chucks the trifle at the wall and has hundreds and thousands of reasons to get away for a break with her old mate Bev Unwin.

And finally this week, Kylie reverts to type as she slithers back to the estate she escaped from, runs into Max’s dad Callum and starts taking drugs to get through the day.

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Anonymous said...

Beth and Kirk's wedding surely? Unless you know something we don't ;)

Nikki NZ said...

Is it just me, or does Callum look like Liam Connor's evil twin?

Zagg said...

I can't imagine a worse evening than having dinner at the Nazir's with the demonic Zadeen, the bitchy Yasmeen and Alya fawning over Garahhhh. Sorry, I don't think this family is working at all.


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