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Tuesday 21 October 2014

Blog interviews with Kate Ford and Alison King

What a treat to see Tracy and Carla sitting together! Before the interview began, Kate Ford and Alison King were chatting and are obviously very good friends. The interview was conducted with Tracy and Carla together as they are both inextricably linked by their love of the same man, Rob Donovan - Carla's brother and Tracy's fiancé. The wedding is soon - Tracy, the bride, Rob the groom and Carla, the Best Woman or Best Bird as she refers to herself as.

The trouble with the these two women is that they loathe each other. In fact it might be fair to say that  Tracy loathes Carla more than Carla detests Tracy. Carla is not in the minority here, whereas most people on The Street are alright with Carla, not that she has been a saint, but lately because of her friendship with Hayley and now Roy, we see that though she may be a keen, cut throat business woman, she is also fundamentally a good woman.

In recent months, Carla has lost her baby, her husband, her 'friend' Tina and now she will lose her brother. She must do the right thing by The Barlows, the law and morality, and so she informs the authorities that it was Rob who killed Tina.

How does Tracy react to the news about Rob?

Tracy is raging! She even sets off after Rob, leaving Amy behind. When things go wrong for Tracy she lashes out, which she does anyway when all is well, but this time she becomes absolutely vicious. What's more, she blames Carla for everything. she doesn't stop to think and rationalise, but lays one hundred per cent of the blame at Carla's door. It was bad enough when she found out that Carla was to be Rob's best woman, but after Rob confessed to Carla, Tracy interprets that as being Carla's plan to ruin things for her. In addition Tracy's business hits the skids.

Liz and Tracy have also got a fractious relationship which is about to become even more fractious. Tracy and Tony have an affair which was hinted at a while ago in the advertisement where Liz's reflection becomes the reflection of Tracy, as Tony stands by looking into the mirror. So that will further damage the relationship between Tracy and Liz. Poor Amy!

How about Carla, how does she react to the truth about Tina's murder?

Carla is devastated. She needs time to take stock and understand what has happened since Hayley's death. Her child, her husband and now her brother - all lost to her. Carla does what Carla does when life lashes out - she launches herself body and soul into her business and unlike Tracy's, Carla's business is doing very well indeed. Her business is her saviour.

There will not be a man waiting in the wings for Carla. She needs a break!

She is also blessed in her friendship with Michelle, one of the few really strong female friendships amongst the younger women. Michelle has been a rock and continues to be so. When, in her turn, Michelle experiences problems, it is guaranteed that Carla will be a great support for her. They have had their spats, as do people in life, but essentially they are solid.

Is there any future for Peter and Carla? 

It is very unlikely that there will be any relationship now or in the future for Peter and Carla. Does she still love him? Difficult to say after all that has happened. Carla is numb.

Carla is anxious about Simon. Before Tina's death and after a shaky start, Carla and Simon began to hit it off. She knows for certain that Peter, Simon's dad is not Tina's murderer, but Peter is the one who has been found guilty in a court of law, even though Ken, was almost certain that Peter would be coming home. No doubt about it - neither Simon nor Amy are going to grow up unscathed.

What was your favourite scene during the filming of all these dramatic scenes?

The favourite scene was out on the balcony with Rob, as the hen night clattered away at the other side of the street at The Rovers, including for our delectation a rendition of Gloria Gaynor's anthem, I will survive.

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Sarah said...

Such a great interview! Thank you!

Carla is my favourite character on the show. I love Alison King's portrayal of her and I think she's been fantastic this year.

It sounds like the next few weeks of Corrie are going to be intense. Looking forward to it all!

Anonymous said...

Just look at Tracy's happy face as she wanders down the aisle! Wonder if she already knows about Rob at that time?

Anonymous said...

Obviously this means that toxic Tracey is NOT LEAVING! Ugh. I was hoping she would ride off into the sunset and take bratty Amy with her.

Ruth owen said...

Thank you very much Sarah!

Dolly Tubb said...

Lovely interview. I am actually enjoying Kate Ford's portrayal of Tracy, she has been very supportive of the Barlow clan through all this and at last we have a character that is a bit more rounded and human. And of course Alison King continues to be superb. I just hope in the fall out from this story that TPTB don't let Tracy revert to the totally un empathetic character she was before but explore the more human side of her.

Anonymous said...

Carla has also lost her mother in the past year.
C in Canada.


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