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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 8 October

Wednesday October 8th 2014
THE BARLOWS IMPLODE AT NO.1. As Ken drones on about Peter’s trial it’s clear Deirdre is feeling the strain. Rob invites Carla round for dinner but as they sit down to eat Peter calls the house and asks to speak to Carla. When Carla hangs up on him Tracy is furious and as the row escalates Deirdre loses the plot. Ken suggests maybe it is time she spent some time away with her friend Bev as she is clearly struggling to cope with everything. Will Deirdre agree?
KYLIE STRUGGLES TO KEEP IT TOGETHER. As Kylie goes to give Max his pill she discovers that David is keeping the cupboard locked. Furious that he still doesn’t trust her she storms off to the Rovers and comes home steaming drunk, where she begs his forgiveness. Will David give Kylie the assurances she needs?
ALYA BEGS GARY TO FORGET ABOUT THEIR KISS. Alya tells Gary their kiss was a mistake, they are from different cultures, he’s got a partner and a child and her family would never condone their relationship. Begging him to accept it can go no further she leaves.
Elsewhere Liz tries to put Tony out of her mind and Steve is worried about a mole on his arm.

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Anonymous said...

What exactly is Carla doing at the Barlow's, particularly since she's not interested in Peter anymore?

This version of Kylie is very dull; I hope she goes off to rehab soon and we're done with it.

Anonymous said...

Oh please Deidre how about toss that trifle over Tracy and Ken - poor Deidre she needs to relax and not be bombarded about Peter and the up coming wedding fiasco. Perhaps Carla was asked by Rob as some of his family for support...

Frosty the Snowman said...

So is Contrivation Street tonight:

More of this nonsense with Kylie - just begone, we are all fed up with your whining and self pitying little face.

Dierdre having a breakdown. Get well soon Anne.

Rubbish with the stunning Ayla, as if she would look twice at jail bird half barmy father of one jobbing builder Gary Windbucket. Perhaps they should do a real story about family honour instead of this nonsense. The Nazirs are just there for tokenism, nothing real about them at all.

Anonymous said...

Family honour..what would that be hmmm? Kal bopping off with an ex prostie/arsonist/thief/liar etc. Ok for the man but not the woman?

Tvor said...

Oh for heavens' sake.
I liked Kal and Leanne at first but they've gone a bit dull. Gary and Alya are very sweet and why wouldn't she be attracted to him. He's cheeky and charming and not a bad bloke. I'm interested in seeing the conflict due to her religion.

Poor Deirdre, I think Anne K. is doing a really good job of putting poor Deirdre through the worry and stress of all this.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Surely a modern Muslim young woman, while abiding by traditions, would vent her frustration at her father and Gary. I appreciate that there are different expectations for males and females but Alya seems far too accepting of the situation. She's just graduated so why is she still in W'field? Have we heard that she's applying for jobs or working? Yet another professional throwing away their education. Surprised her grandmother hasn't pushed her to get a proper career somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Leanne & Kal are stale - no charisma between them - Gary & Alya I love - great chemistry and their relationship could go further - I'm sorry to say this but I would rather watch Gary with Alya than Gary with Izzy - I realize she is handicapped, but the storyline is done and over - time to move on - if Corrie wants to stay with the next generation of viewers then they need to move on - newer situations, newer actors - no more Katy, Izzy, babies that are not been taking care of - Sophie always whining - Sally & Tim are great - Gayle & Michael are great - let the street move on to bigger & better episodes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 13:55 well said! I agree with your comments with the exception of Gail and Michael. I absolutely hate the way Gail acts around him fawning all over him talking in that annoying babyish voice. I'm watching in Canada has Michael moved in that tiny little house as well! They will be tripping all over each other! Lilly will never be able to walk because there is absolutely no room! High time Gail moved out.

Defrost Indoors said...

Gail always gets fawny and blinky when she has a fella; it's kind of funny. I agree, Alya is another case of someone piddling away their education and there is NO way Yasmeen would let that happen. Kylie's overreaction to Max having to take ADHD meds seems very contrived (and I realize it's probably a way of getting the actress out of the way for a bit because of her pregnancy) -- the world Kylie comes from usually embraces prescriptions as a sort of badge of honour!

Anonymous said...

"Ken droning on" for sure.
Kal and his family are so boring , especially his overbearing mother with her holier than thou attitude.
The story line has become so drawn out.


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