Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Who lives where on Coronation Street?

Over on my blog I have made a few pictures detailing the layout of Coronation Street, and where everybody lives. I put them together to illustrate to some Corrie fans where everybody lives, as they weren't quite sure of the layout of the street, or the location of Victoria Street.

Earlier this year I had a go at mapping out Weatherfield using the 'Wider Weatherfield' shots from the 50th anniversary week. Take a look here and see if you can work out where's where in Weatherfield!

Click to enlarge.
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and once more, click to enlarge!

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Tvor said...

Marcus also in number 13.
Salon flat: Maria, Kirk and Liam
Kabin flat 1 - Rita and Dennis
Kabin flat 2 - empty (owned by Jason and Tina)
Bookie flat - Barlow juniors
Builder yard flat - Owen

Cafe flat - Roy, Hayley, Sylvia
Butcher flat - Brian, Julie
Kebab flat - Michelle

Anonymous said...

Hey! - where did you get the pic of the street from looks amazing!!! :)

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