Thursday, 29 December 2011

Pics: Behind the scenes at Sophie and Sian's wedding

Watch the wedding video preview here

I'm right looking forward to watching Sophie and Sian's wedding tonight on Coronation Street.  As Rosie asked Rita at the hen party on Boxing Day: "Have you ever been to a teenage lesbian hen party?" and Rita replied, "No, I don't think I have."  Well, neither have I (yet) and this lesbian wedding on Corrie is the closest I've come to far to watching two ladies being wed.  I've been to a male marriage but not a women's one.

And as it's also the first time we've had a lesbian wedding on Coronation Street in its 50 year history,  yes, I'm looking forward to watching it tonight - the make-up, the frocks, the cakes, the tears flowing down Sian's face when Sophie calls it all off.

Anyway, let's go behind the scenes with a picture gallery at the official Coronation Street website at where they have some wonderful 'making of the wedding episode' pictures. View the pictures here.

And if you'd like to know where Sophie and Sian's wedding dresses and Rosie's dress came from - they're here.

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Anonymous said...

how can silly girls get married when you have to be of the opposite sex to be MARRIED ?????

Anonymous said...

There has been some good storylines on Corrie at times, but what's happening lately as it's getting a little boring?

However . . . My dentist says that I have to stop grinding my teeth everytime I watch Coronation Street otherwise, I'll end up with falsies (teeth by the way!). I said I can't help it as it only happens when Becky McDonald appears!

Frosty the Snowman said...

The actual setting was lovely, nice music, Christmas time, the Church beautifully decorated, everyone in their best, but what a stupid story with these stupid spoiled little girls and terrible acting that turned it into a total farce and the other poster is correct they cannot have a wedding, it would have to be a civil ceremony if they are the same sex. Please let Phil Collinson GO in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness this the Sian and Sophie Story has come to an end. I have never been so bored with any storyline and the whiny plaintive Sophie and Sian won't be missed by me.

Anonymous said...

Well I think the story line is lovely because not enough girls who like people of the same sex admit how they feel these days and it is a very brave thing to do!

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