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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, December 19, 2011

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. This week the update's got that tingly Christmas feeling in his soul. Well, it's either that, or wind. And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update. Remember, you can sign up to get these Corrie weekly updates by email at

Lloyd packed up his troubles in old kit bag, wore a natty hat and smiled as he left Corrie this week. To a 10-horn salute from the Streetcars cabs, Lloyd sailed away to record a few episodes of Red Dwarf before returning next year. Before he left, he sold his share of the cab firm to Becky, which upsets Tracy no end because she reckons this'll make Steve and Becky close again. Steve tells Tracy she's wrong, but she's right. It does make Steve and Becky close again and when Steve finds out that Becky's meeting a cab client in a hotel in town to discuss a cab contract, Steve pops along too. The meeting goes well, the contract's in the bag and Becky invites Steve upstairs to celebrate. He's torn, you can tell by the way he goes into gurn overdrive, but he declines Becky's tempting offer for the sake of his unborn twins. He tells Becky he doesn't really love Tracy, it's knowing he's going to be a dad to the twins that is making his life worthwhile.

Meanwhile, Tracy's wondering where Steve and Becky are and she's beside herself with worry when Karl tells her the pair are at a hotel in town. Tracy assumes Steve's having it away with Becky in a hotel room and she storms in there, all guns blazing, screaming and shouting and banging on doors until she works herself up into such a rage that the stress of it all makes her collapse. She's rushed to th'ospital with Deirdre by her side, where she miscarries the twins. Deirdre consoles and hugs her daughter who knows that when she tells Steve she's lost the babies, he'll want nowt to do with her. Deirdre convinces Tracy to tell Steve about the babies, and so Tracy goes on the hunt for him. He's asleep on the sofa in the back room of the pub after an all night airport taxi-run but Tracy doesn't know that. She storms up to Becky's flat, demanding to see Steve and when Becky tells her he's not there, an evil plan forms in Tracy's mind and she throws herself back down the full flight of stairs. Becky looks on in horror then dials for an ambulance. By the time Steve finds out what's happened, Tracy's back in hospital with Deirdre by her side. And that's when twisted Tracy really lets rip. "Becky pushed me down the stairs. She killed our babies!" she lies to Steve as Deirdre's face goes into full "what the f... ?" mode.

Elsewhere this week, Owen and David's spat turns nasty when Owen wakes up to find his fish pond filled in with soil and all his fish have disappeared. This cut to a brilliant scene of Kylie at the Platt's screaming in horror to David: "Why's our bath full of fish?" Owen digs out the fish pond again and buys more fish but when he goes to restock the pond, David's already put the fish back in there that he nicked earlier. I think David might have bitten off more than he can chew by choosing to go head-to-head with Owen so it'll be interesting to see how this one pans out. And so when the water goes off at Audrey's salon and she's forced to move all her clients to have their cut and blow's done in Gail's front room, David blames Owen for cutting off the water supply. As yet, Owen's admitting nowt.

Daft storyline of the week came and went in Roy's Rolls when Emily and Rita had a Christmas dinner cook off. I'm sure on paper this must have looked at least a little bit funny but it just didn't work, not for this fan. In fact, not only did it not work, it was a wee bit embarrassing to watch.

And finally this week there's been more carry on between Carla and Peter who are on again, off again, while little Simon and Leanne are blissfully unaware of what this tiresome twosome are up to. Ah, if only the same could be said of us viewers, what a happier bunch we might be.

And that's just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Ellen Taylor, Mark Wadlow and Joe Turner. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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abbyk said...

Dear Santa: Lloyd has been very very very nice this year. Please bring him back to Weatherfield safely and soon, and with enough cash to buy the Rovers. Stella's okay, but she's kind of nudgy and not as good as our Lloyd. Oh, and can he get a nice girlfriend, too? I'll leave the cookies out. Thank you.

Llifon said...

Although it was nice to see Emily and Rita having screentime, it wasn't natural to see them bickering over something so small as they've been friends forever. Glad the story was over in 3 eps tbh. A better storyline next time!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if they'd have dragged the Rita/Emily cook-off story a wee bit longer than 5 seconds, it might have been quite hilarious, but it was rushed and ridiculous and fell flat. These two deserved better than a thrown together at the last minute scenario. Too busy coming up with more pathetic lines and scenes for Carla and Peetah I suppose.


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