Thursday, 22 December 2011

Sophie and Sian snog voted top 4th lesbian kiss of all time

A snog between Coronation Street lesbians Sophie and Sian, played by Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson, has been voted 4th top lesbian kiss of all time.

The poll in The Guardian has been compiled by fab writer Julie Bindel and she says this about Sophie and Sian's kiss:

"Four belongs to the Coronation Street kiss between best friends Sophie and Sian last year. Chatting about their disappointments in love.

Suddenly, Sophie tells Sian: "You are far more important to me than any lad." A shocked-looking Sian gasps and runs out of the house, only to return later to give Sophie a brilliant, heartfelt snog."

You can watch the kiss via the wonders of YouTube

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1 comment:

Donice said...

I thought the kiss was ok not the best i've seen I wouldn't vote it fourth it just seems a little staged to me.

And the snog was most definatly staged and edited if you look at the small details you can see how staged it is.

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