Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Corrie babes get set for Text Santa

Coronation Street actresses Kym Marsh and Samia Ghadie, who play Michelle Connor and Maria Connor are all festively frocked up to help promote ITV’s Text Santa charity campaign.

The girls dressed up to show off the official merchandise for the ITV show which is now on sale in Asda.  Have a look at them here.

Asda is selling Santa hats and Text Santa T-shirts to support the campaign which will help nine charities working with vulnerable people during the festive period.

There will be a further Text Santa shown on ITV1 on Christmas Eve.

Now then, nice as this is for those that like this sort of thing, I think I'd have preferred to see a proper picture of a Corrie character sending a text to Santa. I can just imagine a picture of Fat Brenda with her tabard on, feet up on the Streetcars switch desk, fag in hand, hi-phone in t'other, sending her consensual texts to Father Christmas. Now that would have been a t-shirt would buying.

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ChiaGwen said...

Agree FN - why do they always have to tart up some woman to sell merchandise? Fat Brenda would be sensational but then only people on this blog would know who she is. A Corrie character texting Santa without displaying all their bits and bobs would probably sell more.

Anonymous said...

It didn't take Miss Kym long to start getting her face back in the publicity circuit, did it?

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