Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A few more changes found on the new set

I wrote a blog the other day, detailing the changes I noticed on Corrie's new set. This got Corrie fans looking to see if they could spot any changes to the new set, and they didn't disappoint!

Commenter Grant over on the Weatherfield Recorder blog pointed out to me that not only has the Rovers gained an extra window, but the Corner Shop has done as well. Another fan with a keen eye, Paul, pointed out that on the planning documents submitted to Trafford Council, Victoria Street had gotten some quite noticeable changes.

The picture of the street shows Roy's Rolls with a new door at either side of the exterior, presumably these lead up to the Butchers flat and the Takeaway flat. Until now these had been accessed by a door near Victoria Court, which seemed quite strange. Another change is Roy & Hayley's flat now appears to have two bay windows instead of one, which possibly means Victoria Street will look a lot larger on the new set. If you notice any changes, don't be afraid to send them in!
Click to enlarge!

After posting this blog, I noticed another little change to Victoria Street, or to be more precise, Victoria Court. In the set plans Victoria Court has four stories, where as on the current set it only has three, this probably wont be noticed all that much as we haven't often seen the top of Victoria Court, so another floor would be easy to add.

The changes to Victoria Court, click to enlarge.

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1 comment:

Grant said...

Two new windows in the kabin, where the tram crashed.

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