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Friday 23 December 2011

Cast announced for Coronation Street 1968 stage play

The cast has been announced for the players in the 1968 version of Coronation Street to be staged in Manchester. 

Three classic scripts by Jack Rosenthal are performed in the Lass O’Gowrie pub in Manchester in January 2012.  We've got our tickets already!

It's all part of the LassFest and you can find out full details here.

Some interesting choices of characters and actors have been announced today as follows:

Dave Dutton - who has been on Corrie in at least eight different roles already - stars as Jack Walker.
Emma Edmondson, who played Mel Morton in Coronation Street, is Lucille Hewitt
Joan Kempson, who played Rovers Return cleaner Edna Miller in Coronation Street is Hilda Ogden
Christine Barton-Brown plays Annie Walker
Russell Dixon is Ena Sharples
David Crowley is Dennis Tanner
Colin Connor is Len Fairclough
Geoff Dignan is Ray Langton
Kathryn Worthington is Emily Nugent
Tom Burroughs, who played the tram driver in the Coronation Street tram crash is Jerry Booth
Jeni Howarth Willianms is Elsie Tanner. Jeni played Sheila Hayes on Coronation Street (mother of Wayne Hayes who stayed with the Croppers).
Jo Mousley is Linda Cheveski
Val Tagger is Minnie Caldwell. Val has been on Corrie before as a hotel guest.
Terry Naylor is Ernie Sutton

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Anonymous said...

Some downright weird ones too.

Colin Conner and Russell Dixon?


Anonymous said...

Hmm, seems there are two different people playing Linda Cheveski -- is that the case?

***Begin Copy***
Jo Mousley is Linda Cheveski
Emma Edmondson, who played Mel Morton in Coronation Street, is Linda Cheveski
***End Copy***

Just curious!

Anonymous said...

Russell Dixon has been in Corrie a couple of times himself, most recently when he played Councillor Harry Potts in the 1990s.

He also played another character in 1979 whose wife Ken was trying to help read.

Anonymous said...

Just checked on the Facebook page and Jo Mousley is Linda Cheveski, Kathryn Worthington is Miss Nugent.
And what's wrong with Colin Connor? Great in Emmerdale, also been in Corrie and fantastic in productions at the Bolton Octagon. And as for Russell Dixon as Ena, it's leftfield but anyone who's seen this National Theatre regular as Lady Bracknell in the Importance of Being earnest will know this will be no panto dame, but a top drawer performance. Hugely looking forward to this!

Anonymous said...

Casting a man as Ena takes this into panto territory... and Colin speaks broad Northern Irish... bizarre.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Colin is an actor, meaning he can do more than one accent. I've heard actors do comments. As for Ena, it's no different to casting a woman as Hayley frankly.

Why not keep an open mind, wait and see?

Tilly said...

LOL at all these comments.

You do realise that this ISN'T the play being held at the MEN next year...? It's just a small-time production!

Anonymous said...

Correctomundo Tilly. It's a treat, in a Manchester pub and the first chance to see this performed professionally since 1968. I'm looking forward to it immensely and have my tickets already booked!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This sounds brilliant. Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

actually having had the chance to see a couple of the episodes earlier this week, I do have to agree with the earlier comment about the northern Irish actor as his 'Manchester' accent did unfortunately leave a lot to be desired! The northern Irish drawl could not be disguised and was a far cry from the natural northern accents of the other actors..all of whom were spot on, whoever cast them.
As for Ena,well he/she was actually one of the most popular judging by the audience reaction! I enjoyed the production immensely however, as did everyone watching from their reactions, it worked very well in this lovely little pub and was obviously a very innovative idea from the lovely Corrie loving landlord who I had the pleasure of meeting earlier in the week and who has brought this fringe theatre production to life in his pub. Bravo to the cast & a very different & enjoyable night out!


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