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Monday, 26 December 2011

Corrie weekly awards: Dec. 19 - 25

A tad late but here you go!

Christmas Tree Fail award: All the Christmas trees dropped their needles overnight! So much for having money in your pockets, lads.

Cheapskate award: Who would take a taxi from Manchester to London, Heathrow, making him drive all night, and NOT tip the driver?

Crossed the line award: Cruel star: Tracy might be upset and afraid she's losing Steve, but accusing Becky of pushing her down the stairs and causing the miscarraige and blackmailing Deirdre to back her up is not on.

Hero award: Nick saved Becky!

Fashion award: Kylie's tights! Chesney and Gary's Elf outfits!

Confidence Fail award: Faye bragged she'd be the best Mary ever. And then got stage fright.

Cracks are showing award: Kirsty isn't all sweetness and light like she started off, is she? She was vile to Fiz.

Why are you still here award: Mary's gone from quirky to rude and annoying.

I've got your back award: Gold Star: Kylie's on Becky's side, finally. So are Nick, David and even Gail, it seems.

Lowlife award: Steve really has been vile to Becky and he should know Becky better.

Doubting Thomas award: Gold Star: Hayley isn't so sure Becky didn't push Tracy. Roy was sure, until Becky accidentally pushed Hayley.
Silver Star: Sophie does not look so excited about the church blessing.

Phrase of Doom award: Tracy Barlow Will You Marry Me!? Boy oh Boy are you going to regret that!!

Rock Bottom award: Becky hit the wall. There's nowhere to go but up.

Lines of the Week:
Audrey "It's not a very good advert for a hairdresser's, is it? A bald tree!"
Eileen "I've got needles in my underwear. I'm risking injury just sitting here!"
Chesney "This job was about standing on my own two feet. Branching out!" (and he said it with a straight face!)
Kylie "If I'd have been Mary, I'd have given Joseph hell for not booking!"
Sophie re Rosie organizing the hen night "Low key and classy, I told her" Amber "I hope you lent her a dictionary. So how chavvy is it going to be on a scale of 1 to 10?" Sian "11!"
Gary "I used to wear the Queen's uniform!" Chesney "Did she mind?"
Simon "Never work with animals and children!"
Tyrone "Do you not want me to have any friends" (No, she doesn't)
Katy "Am I hallucinating?" Chesney "No. I *am* dressed as an elf"

Why didn't Eileen ask Julie and Brian to dinner if everyone left her on her own?

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Anonymous said...

Great awards! I hate this miscarriage story line, Tracy's lie is disgusting and Kate Ford's terrible acting doesn't help! She should just go, why on earth is Phil collinson renewing her contract it is clear that nobody likes watching her.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I lay myself open to charges of: 'How do you know if you didn't watch' but still ... I hated the idea of the miscarriage/lies etc story line, and thought it was very depressing. Consequently, I made a pact with myself not to watch until the new year. My own little protest. If PC wanted me to be so angry, I would watch and scream at the TV, he's failed.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty's awards albeit a tiny bit out of date as he wrote them for Sunday.

Opted out of the NHS Award: Does anybody in Corrie ever give birth in a maternity ward in a hospital on an ordinary day of the year? Yet again we have the totally unrealistic soap birth a child giving birth to a child, in 10 minutes in the middle of the nativity play with little pain, no blood, no gas and air and simpering Anna Windy suddenly becoming an experienced midwife. This does not send out a good message for home births which can be dangerous.

Slowest Ambulance service in the Country Award: How long did it take an ambulance to get there? Chesney on his stolen bike with a broken chain got there quicker from the other side of Manchester. What’s the point of dialling 999, the neighbours deal with it anyway.

Liver of Steel Award: Becky drank that massive litre bottle of vodka that she bought from the corner shop all to herself with no ill effects, – when most human beings would be comatose or dead and even the most hardened drunk staggering around but our Becky seemed to not even be a little tipsy.

Ppointless character of the week award: Fizz suddenly appearing and hanging around Katie giving birth like a bad smell. What is the point of this irritating whiney character now Stape has gone. Write her out and leave Ches and Katie to establish themselves, a spare part.

Take her far away award: Tracy and Steve – ug – Steve looks more like a fat version of Eddie Munster these days and his eyebrows act better than he does. A good character in his time, now the Maccie D’s have all gone, and the Rovers is being sold to Mother Theresa; perhaps his time is up now. Please take Tracy with you, nobody cares about this poisonous woman.

Acting like 7 year olds award: David and Kylie, aren’t they supposed to be showing their responsibility in bringing up a child themselves? Instead they act younger than he does. I hope this ridiculous “feud” is over now, a carbon copy of the Windasses and the Platts over kichengate/santa lights.

Tvor said...

Births on soaps are almost always dramatic. You pretty much have to expect unbelievability. It was a bit silly having the ambulance taking longer to get there than it took Chesney to struggle across Manchester on a bike though, i would agree there. The fire and ambulance got to Becky's in minutes after they were called.

Anonymous said...

So sick of the manipulative, control-freaking Kirsty.
Seems Ty will have to walk through more fire before he gets someone suitable.
He's tried a non-resident, and now should go back to an homogeneous street pairing; my bet's on Fiz.

Katie's birth was easy, wasn't it?
I found the bland look on the faces of Fiz and Anna to be much too relaxed under the circumstances.
Fiz seemed almost disinterested when she announced that Chesney still couldn't be contacted.
Very underplayed, but after Fiz's 'let it all out' birthing experience a year ago,perhaps a peaceful birth was more in keeping with the
Nativity back-drop.
Loved the Turkey face keeping Eileen company, sadly funny, and I would say much more preferable to that Paul, he seems a bit of an odd duck.

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd had my kids as easily as Katie...a few moans and wails and pop...he's born!!! Then it's all smiles and all these people flocking around to see the babe..what?? blood whatever to be cleaned up? Anna peeking underneath the blankets every now and then... no flashlight..nada. What was she looking for?

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Frosty...'fat version of Eddie Munster' on!!

ChiaGwen said...

LOL! Anna's constant peeking under the blanket while Katy is in labour - at least there was an injection of humour in that otherwise daft scene.


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