Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Video: Julie Goodyear on bringing Bet Lynch back to Corrie

Julie Goodyear was interviewed on BBC1's Breakast show today about bringing Bet Lynch back to Coronation Street. Julie will be starring in the new Corrie musical Street of Dreams reprising her iconic role as barmaid Bet.

Julie was interviewed with the musical writer and composer Trisha Ward, a canny lass from Sunderland. Trisha admitted she's been a Corrie fan since she was little. She's co-written the script with Corrie writer Damon Rochefort and says meeting Julie was a real highlight for her.

Talking about the new musical, Julie said the world gala performance will take place on March 22nd and the play runs for 2 nights on March 21st and 22nd.  Julie says that there's no way that ITV would have given the musical the thumbs up if it hadn't been of the quality and calibre that it is.

Asked if there's any chance she would be returning to the show after the musical, Julie said that if she was asked to return for Betty's on-screen funeral, "then there's no way I would be able to refuse."

Interestingly, Trisha Ward said that the casting for the part of Elsie Tanner in the musical would be announced in January.  I wonder who it'll be?

Watch Julie's full interview on video here (it starts at 25 mins in).

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