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Friday, 23 December 2011

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 23 December

Coronation Street Friday 23rd December at 7.30pm
The nativity takes an unexpected twist. When the guy who sold Chesney and Gary the diseased Christmas trees offers them a lucrative job at the garden centre Ches is relieved to be able to recoup the cash he lost. But when they’re told they have to wear elf costumes their enthusiasm wanes. Meanwhile it’s the day of the nativity and Katy’s helping Faye with her lines as Mary. Katy gets her word perfect but as she prepares to go on stage she’s suddenly hit with stage fright and at the last minute Katy’s forced to take her place. Having finished work Chesney is rushing back to see the play but when Gary’s van fails to start it looks like they won’t make it. On stage the play is going brilliantly and as Katy relives the birth the audience gasp at her realistic portrayal of labour. What they don’t realise is that her ‘performance’ is real and as they applaud she cries out for an ambulance! Pandemonium ensues and as Chesney gets the call to get their quick the elves are forced to make a run for it. 
Tracy and Becky come to blows at the nativity. Seeing how down Becky is, due to Tracy’s allegations, Kylie invites her to the nativity to see Max. There she’s faced with Steve and Tracy. Breaking down Becky begs Tracy to tell the truth, promising to get out of their lives for good if she does. Rattled by her plea will Tracy come clean?
Sian has a surprise for Sophie. Sian’s determined to give Sophie her dream wedding and introduces her to Father Douglas, who’s agreed to give a service of celebration of their wedding in his church. Sian’s canceled the other venue as she knows what Sophie really wants is a church wedding. But as Father Douglas talks to the girls about commitment will a guilty Sophie crack?
Elsewhere a jealous Kirsty tells Tyrone she wants him to keep his distance from Fiz, claiming that as a copper she can’t associate with criminals.

Corrie Friday 23rd December at 8.30pm
Chesney defies all odds in a bid to see Katy give birth. As the hall clears and an ambulance is called a terrified Katy goes into full labour. Anna takes charge as a desperate Chesney and Gary find a couple of bikes and start pedaling furiously. Will they arrive in time as Katy gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, Joseph Peter?
Ostracised Becky begins a downward spiral. Drunk and depressed Becky throws her belongings in a bag, intent on leaving Weatherfield. But when Roy and Hayley see her going they persuade her into the cafe. They try to talk her round, but when Becky overhears Hayley admitting to Roy that she doesn't know whether to believe Becky or Tracy's version of events, Becky feels totally betrayed and storms out.
Sophie struggles with her faith. As Sophie continues to dwell on her kiss with Amber, Sunita urges her to put it behind her. Sophie promises to try but when Sian asks an uncomfortable Amber to be their bridesmaid will she be ale to move on?
Elsewhere Tina's stunned when Kirsty surprises her housemates with a beautiful Christmas tree, complete with presents for each of them underneath. As she suggests to Tina that they become friends will Tina agree? Eileen's disappointed when Paul phones and cancels Christmas dinner.

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