Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Video: Sacha Parkinson in tears over leaving Coronation Street

Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson, who play Coronation Street lesbians Sophie Webster and Sian Powers, were interviewed on ITV's This Morning today.

The girls talked about how much support they've been able to give via their storyline to young girls and families who have supported their gay children. It's a nice little interview, and there was a montage of Sophie and Sian clips shown. Sacha was a little emotional and burst into tears after watching the montage. "It's so embarassing!" she cried.

Talking about the upcoming on-screen wedding, Brooke said that there will be church scenes involved and it's a happy up and down sort of storyline. There's a clip of the meeting with the vicar - who looks disturbingly like Les Battersby!

Brooke said that she's such good friends with Sacha that they're almost like sisters. Talking about leaving Corrie, Sacha says it's exciting going back to auditioning and she's not scared and that leaving Corrie was just something that she had to do. She's looking for an interesting and different role that she can get her teeth into.

You can watch the full interview, captured by twitter Sophie and Sian fan @SiophieSpain on YouTube, below.

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