Friday, 30 December 2011

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Friday 30 December at 7.30pm

Coronation Street, Friday 30th December at 7.30pm
Note: there's just one episode tonight

Will Sophie & Sian say I do? Sian rushes back to No. 4 in tears, intent on packing her things and leaving as fast as possible. Arriving home Sophie begs Sian to give her another chance, swearing she loves her to bits and it was just nerves in church. Sian's head is a mess but eventually she thaws and agrees the wedding is back on.  Will the girls tie the knot?
Carla’s stunned by attempted blackmail Frank admits to Anne that the pressure of his forthcoming trial is getting to him. Determined to do something Anne heads round to Carla's, where a visiting Peter is forced to hide in the bedroom. But when Anne tries to bribe Carla into not testifying, in return for Frank's 40% of Underworld, will Peter be able to keep quiet and how will Carla respond?
Karl takes a dangerous gamble. Karl gambles with Stella's money but luck is on his side and he wins a small fortune. Giving it to Stella he announces it's the deposit on the Rovers. But how will Stella react when she realises where the money has come from?
Elsewhere Steve's ex Beth gets a job at Frank's factory. Mary steps up Norris' piano training regime.


Frosty the Snowman said...

How convenient that good old Auntie Vi's generous gift has now mulitplied into the deposit for the Rovers - and where was this generous wealthy auntie when poor Cindystella was struggling to bring up her first born - eh?

Anonymous said...

I can just see what's in store next year for Corrie. It will become Boronation Street and I'll probably miss most of it because I will be asleep or not bother tuning in.

ChiaGwen said...

What a daft scenario in the church with Kevin telling Sophie in front of everyone, in the middle of the ceremony, that she didn't have to go through it if she didn't want to - it wouldn't be a 'legal' marriage anyway and would be an uncomplicated parting of the ways -Sophie has really become an unlikeable character with her face in a perpetual scowl and whining her way through life.

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