Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Spoiler: Audrey Roberts forced to give up booze

There's a Coronation Street spoiler in today's Daily Star that says Audrey Roberts is going to have a health scare next year.

After Audrey, played by Sue Nicholls, collapses on the cobbles, the paper says she'll get rushed to hospital and thankfully the 999 emergency will turn out to be a false alarm.

Th'ospital will check her out and tell her she's got high blood pressure. But sadly for Audrey, she’s forced to give up the booze. 

Weatherfield sales of G&T will plummet.

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Anonymous said...

Oh well Audrey, don't fret too much, the Rovers's bound to change when Stella's in charge, you won't be missing much by not going in.

Frosty the Snowman said...

LOL - cant see that the Rovers will change at all, as Cindystella will never be there - off do-gooding somewhere or giving advice to those she hardly knows! I like Audrey and am looking forward to her in a main storyline,

dhvinyl said...

Call me po-faced, but it's time Corrie (and its rivals) spent less time showing folk getting drunk, particularly at lunchtime. This is pre-watershed family viewing. What example is it setting. Maybe Audrey is the start?

Anonymous said...

With a daughter like Gail, how will Audrey survive without her medicinal G&T?? Gail would drive anyone to drink! ;)
Rebecca in TO

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