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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Corrie weekly awards: Dec. 12 - 16

Foot in mouth award (or should that be tree in mouth?) David and Kylie for being really rude to the social worker. Oops!

Loved up award: mushy star: Peter and Carla. Gag.

Clairvoyant award: Norris. Karl came into the pub and Norris knew something was up. He was right but how did he know?

Jealous award: Green eyed star: Kirsty suspects everyone and even hates Tyrone to have other friends let alone old lovers.

Reality check award: Peter wants to be with Carla but is surrounded by reminders of his family.

Family Feud award: To tell you the truth, I'm rather enjoying seeing Owen be victimized but the feud between him and the Platts? Not as unbearable as I thought it might be.

Hormone Hell award: Insecurity star: Tracy assumes everyone is as much of a schemer as she is but you can't blame her for not trusting Steve.

Fast food award: Cold Turkey Star: Rita and Emily have 5 hours to shop and cook a fully trimmed turkey dinner? Better be a chicken sized turkey if you ask me.

Retail fail award: Unreality star: Would you really expect to sell all those trees from your front door on a side street? What do you do with them at night so they don't get nicked?

Fashion award: Carla's red leather gloves! Smart looking!

Lines of the Week:
Peter "You don't suppose we've broken a bylaw, being in possession of a daft grin during the hours of daylight"
Tina "It's a Christmas tree, not a fashion statement"
Leanne to Peter "If you're lying in the gutter, I'm going to be there"
Owen "Where are me fish!?" David "I don't know what you're talking about" Kylie "AAAAAAAAAAGH Why is the bath full of fish????"
Steve "Are you familiar with the term 'Sleeping Partner'" Becky "I think we should keep things strictly professional"
Carla to Peter "You're not the one being called as a witness" (he might though. Frank thought Peter and Carla were at it, they weren't then but are now)
Steve to Becky "You are not the solution, you are just another flamin' problem"
Steve: "Becky is toast!" (Virtually guaranteeing the exact opposite) and "I could have lost me babies before they were even born" (You did, mate. You did).
Tracy "I've lost the babies, mam" (and Steve, she's thinking)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Coyest Barmaid Award: Men make passes at barmaids it happens all the time, how come Stella who aint exactly a spring chicken and must have been around the block a fair bit took Lloyd’s clumsy attempt at a kiss so seriously and to heart? You would have thought it would have been brushed off without a second thought but no we have to make a big drama out of it with lots of awkward eye darting behaviour.

Most ghastly affair since Kevin and Molly Award: I just cannot bear to watch this trash with Cruella and the randy scruffy chain smoking gnome Peter. I used to like Peter but now I dislike and despise this selfish character where self gratification always means more than his wife and small child. As for this “romance” with the emotionless monotoned voiced Carla, it just so does not gel, it only seems like yesterday the same scene was being played out with her bro in law Liam, who was then “the love of her life” . Awful awful awful.

Don’t she scrub up well award: Apart from the outfit and the hammock earrings, Becky looked really quite attractive when she met up with Danny Boy. The whole scenes were spoilt though by Kate Ford’s absolutely awful pathetic acting including hammering on the bedroom doors of the hotel bellowing STEVE!!!. More wooden than a forest of oak trees. If they are trying to get us to feel sorry for Tracy with this contrived rubbish, it’s failed. This character should have been recast.

Acorn Antiques Award: Who wrote that creaking dross with Emily and Rita and the cringy “cookery competition”? My 8 year old grandson could have done better. These two grand dames of Corrie deserve better than this pathetic serving of cold roast potatoes. They both have a long strong
friendship and would never fall out over something so silly and petty.

Reverting to being the old insufferable troublemaker award: I thought David had turned a corner and had grown up now he is married with a family,But again we get this wearisome offering with Owen and the Fish Pond. You would have thought David had more important things to do with Maxay and the social services and Christmas coming up rather than indulging in this childish topsoil tripe. The previous nasty Owen would have buried David six foot under that pond - now he has been turned into Mr Nice Family Help Everyone Guy and lost his edge.

Tvor said...

Aww it was kind of funny seeing David plowing through those trees!

Adam Rekitt said...

Talks Sense Award: Jason. Exactly why are Paul and his wife Eileen's problem? Eileen says "Paul's a mate". Yes, for all of five minutes. There should be a better explanation for Eileen's sudden involvement.

I thought the Christmas cook off was the highlight of the week. Most fall outs are about petty things, maybe especially between old friends. Both actresses really looked like they had been cooking for hours - Rita's normally perfect coiffure was all out of place. Her whispered "I won" at the end made me laugh out loud. These two light up any scene and are a joy to watch. It's a shame that it wasn't written better and ended up just coming across as a contrived way of getting an odd bunch of characters to Hayley's for Christmas. Has Mary forgotten the cruise already?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Adam - agreed about Eileen and Christmas - dont Lesley and Paul have any family at all - children? Stolen kisses in the kitchen while poor Lesley sits in a world of her own I dont want to see. As for the gathering at Roy's Rolls at Christmas day, this is obviousy setting the scene for Sylvia to return with her new boyfriend, Napolean Solo in tow.

Lateboomer said...

Frosty, you just saved me the trouble of writing all that out! I agree on all points.

As for Carla and Peter, from now on I will fast forward on through that dreck - I can't bear to see these two on the screen together.

I'm not fond either of this Kirsty, and have a feeling it's going to end in tears again for Tyrone at some point.

Don't I just sound like the Grinch?! Ah well.

Happy/Merry Christmas to all the CS bloggers!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Peter and Carla are totally unbelievable. Of course, it could happen in real life but that's not the point. The writing and the acting make it embarrassing to watch and, possibly, perform. Chris Gascoyne can be brilliant; I've never thought that about Alison King. Miscast from the beginning: dreary voice, 2 dimensional b**** from Dynastyland. No rapport between the actors, it's hard to believe these two can't keep their hands off each other.

I solved the problem of what to do when Tracy's on screen. I fell asleep! That's how awful it was.

Eileen determined to help Paul and Lesley is presumably a lead-in to when she finds she can't cope. I also wondered about their children or other relatives for Christmas dinner. They only had to put a line in about the kids can't take it anymore but it seems the writers can't be bothered to tie up loose ends.

Anonymous said...

Carla and Peter have ZERO chemistry. You can see it on the screen. They look awkward, they are awkward. The whole storyline is a ridiculous premise.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Well, at least Peter and Carla have finally hit the sheets. What a letdown. All these months she's wondering what he's like in the sack and the morning after its..ho hum. I can see this fizzle out real fast as we know that Carla always wants what she can't have so her little fling with Peter will flop. I don't feel a bit sorry for Peter. Wasn't he a bigamist at one time?

Anonymous said...

That was a pretty classy looking hotel. There is NO way reception would look up who's staying there. What a dumb dumb storyline.

ChiaGwen said...

I can't believe Peter would let little Simon worry about where he was and that he stayed away so long - not like he was on a 48 hr bender - he was sober in a matter of minutes after the all magical one cup of coffee. Carla wasn't too concerned about Simon either. Why oh why is Peter wearing those scuffed boots - they look like cast offs from Dennis' homeless days!

Blackie Bird said...

Scuffed boots, scruffy jacket, constant smoking and boozey breath, Carla looked so smart the other day in her black coat and expensive long leather boots, would she really be desperately in love with this bloke who looks like he is looking for Dennis's homeless shelter - a bit fat NO! Its quite ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I liked how they didn't jump straight in to bed with each other, at least the effects of rape were shown a little. I think that this storyline would work better if it was written differently!

Dolly Tubb said...

Frosty - I laughed at 'The previous nasty Owen would have buried David six foot under that pond' - Mr Tubb, who swears blind that he has no interest at all in Corrie and never knows who's who announced out of nowhere the other night as we were watching the trailer for the BBC Christmas offerings said his ideal Christmas TV would be exactly the same thing but with Fay(E) instead!

Looks like Owen might need an even bigger fishpond!

Rose said...

Alison King a "2 dimensional biitch"? I can understand you calling Carla that, but Alison? I think that's out of line. I think she is one of the best actors on the street right now, and the rape scenes and subsequent suicide attempt quashed any "2 dimensional" comments.
Sure, you may not rate her as an actress, but to call HER that and not the character is below the belt. What has she done to you?

And Carla and Peter are no way near as bad as Molvin. Time must have allowed you to forget just how painful they really were. At least with Carla and Peter it was built up over a year and they have similar demons, they are both flawed characters. Molvin had no such interesting element.


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