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Saturday, 31 December 2011

More or less: Corrie in 2012

It's the end of the year and therefore time to take stock. What do they call it? Stocktaking? Like the Dear Leader (Flaming Nora . . .) I feel that the Corrie year has been a little ho-hum. We should fall to our knees in thanks for being delivered from the likes of the Ghastly Grays, Claire Peacock and, with hours to spare, Sian. The character of Becky has been redeemed of late but alas (or hurrah depending on which way the wind is blowing), that particular ship is about to sail forever. Ta-ra and thanks for the ranting.

The twists and turns of the Corrie plotlines will probably already have been sketched out until mid-summer so the following is probably redundant before I even type another letter. However, there are a few characters I would like to see more of in 2012 such as . . .

Beth - granted she's only appeared in one episode but I'm already wondering if she's going to be as one-dimensional as Cilla or if the writers are going to flesh her out a bit.

Sylvia - comedy gold with a hint of pathos. The calibre of Stephanie Cole's acting shows up some of the younger cast members. I was a little worried when her arrival was announced but Sylvia has been priceless in 2011. Plus she's not trying to be Blanche Mark 2.

Kirk - now seemingly a recurring extra. Will he ever get a meaty storyline or a relationship? Let's see a different side to Kirky in 2012.

Lloyd - here's hoping for a refreshed and renewed Lloyd in late 2012. He's now rid of his feckless bint of a girlfriend plus her scarily androgynous child. The character is a good one so let's hope the writers do him justice next year.

However, there are a few faces that I would happy to see less of, other than Tracy Barlow which, of course, goes without saying . . .

Steve - I don't suppose he will ever go but the character seems to be a complete bore. Physically he's morphing into Stan Ogden but with much less personality. Dull publican, dull businessman, dull dad. Give him an edge or get rid.

Nick - Gail's frail and elderly son creaks ever onwards with a series of poor business decisions and vile girlfriends. Another Street dullard, he brings little to the party. He manages to light up a room every time he leaves.

Eva - a pointless, shrill harpy. Again, the writers need to flesh her out or melt her down for candles. At the moment she seems to ping-pong between being either vacuous or annoying. Neither of them is a positive atrribute.

Tina - she's gone from fun-loving teen to Winsome Witch in a couple of years. This sneering, sour young woman has begun to drain the life out of every scene she appears in. One can only hope that the worryingly awful psycho cop Kirsty manages to polish her off. Soon.

Many blog posts over the past few months have also singled out Tommy, Mary and Stella as characters who seem to be going nowhere. Who would you like to see more of in 2012 and which characters would you happily dispatch in the back of a taxi?


Tvor said...

Absolutely agree about Sylvia and Beth. I haven't laughed so much in one episode as i did at last night's scenes with Beth, particular how great she was winding up Anna Foster!! Best new character since Julie!

I want more Kirk, too!

Kind of agree about Steve. He's going around the same storylines over and over.

Never liked Eva, think Nick could have potential but why oh why is he STILL living with his mother? Why doesn't he buy Jason's flat? It might be next door to his mother but it's also next door to his business. Or Dev's old flat on Victoria Court? Bad memories (Natasha) i suppose there.

Totally agree about Tina. They've ruined her even if she's going to be proven right about Kirsty.

They've ruined Mary too. She's no longer quirky and funny, she's scary and downright annoying.

Anonymous said...

Eva is there only as a foil to Gail's least she's stopped picking on Kylie for the time being at least.

Please have Tracy's the most humane thing to do for the viewers.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Sean - please!!!!

Glenda Young said...

I agree with most of your choices David too. Worst of all is what they've done to Mary. As Tvor says, she was funny and quirky but is now irritating and scary. Seems that's the way Corrie likes to treat its women these days apart from Saint Stella who should be got rid of asap.

Frosty the Snowman said...

As you know Frosty also thinks that Steve Macdonald has had his day in the Street. With Liz leaving and him selling the Rovers to Cindystella, he doesnt really have anywhere else to go. The Tracy business is just ludicrous. I wish the pair of them would be written out, Kate Ford is an embarrassingly bad actress. Of course the Alahans should also have gone years ago and why bring back the rather odd little Amber. Tina and Tommy also need to go and Tyrone needs a decent normal girlfriend. Never liked the spiteful Eva. The character of Gail also drives me mad, either has the face of a lemon sucker or a silly rictus grin. Although I like Helen Worth and I know she wont go anywhere I would like to see her killed off. Lets see more of Dreary and Ken and lets see her give up smoking in 2012!

Adam Rekitt said...

I'd like to see more of Karl who is far more interesting than the two women in his life. Also let's hope Rosie's departure will give Jason something to do other than be her lapdog.

Steve and Nick are top of my hitlist too. Both are rapidly aging lotharios whose sole purpose is to couple up with women far more attractive and interesting than themselves. Both seem to have pots of money, but absolutely no hint of how they manage to make it.

I would also love to say bye bye to all the Alahans (excruciatingly dull), Michelle, Kirsty and Tracy (just painful to watch).

Anonymous said...

Stella Stella & Stella and the other two hangers on Karl and Eva. Haven't warmed to any of them. I liked Steve and Becky together in their "happy" days and really miss the Corrie humour,at least we still see sparks of it amongst the older characters but all to rarely. Tommy,what's the point,Duckworth needs to go and Oh, did I mention STELLA.

ChiaGwen said...

Top of my get rid list is Sophie - I haven't understood a word she has said in the past 5 yrs and her constant whining and petulant looks are well past their sell by date. Although Steve appears to have received a head injury as indicated by his complete turn-a-around concerning Tracy it is hard to fathom he would even consider going out with the mini-Cilla Beth - she's more in Kirk's league. Bring back the Steve of old back at Steetcars with Lloyd and Eileen. I agree, either get rid of Gail or do something with her besides being the resident lunatic at the Bistro. Revoke Dr. Matt's license and let him practice in EastEnders - really, how much can the actor be making - he has only been in about 4 episodes over the past year and annoying in every one of them . I actually like Tommy but he needs a better storyline or more interaction with other characters besides Tina and Tyrone. Finally, give poor old Dreary and Ken a good storyline - the scenes of Ken reading a book then taking off his glasses to speak to someone are wearing a little thin.

maggie muggins said...

I want more Kirk too! If given a chance, I bet he's not as thick as he's made out to be. Sylvia is just great, and has been given interesting storylines so far. Can't wait for Lloyd to come back, with the ghost of whatsername vanished!

Might be interesting if Steve stays single for a long time, giving a lot of good one-liners instead of hooking up with problem women, though I too liked Becky/Steve in early days. Him and Karl could get into some fun trouble, preferably the hilarious kind. Tracy - the less said. Stella, I'm willing to give her some time. She could be better off hanging out with the older women to learn how to give advice properly.

Go away Nick and Tina. I don't think we need to get rid of some characters, like Tommy and Mary. They probably won't ever be interesting, or be quirky again, but they serve as good background friends for the main characters. As much as I'd like all of them to be good, I doubt it will happen. Unless the show finds a miracle worker of a casting director.

As for the Platts, well...I like Kylie. Also like Eileen's full house.

Brian said...

More of: Julie, Brian, kylie, Eileen, Kirk, Beth, Anna, Owen, izzy,Roy, Sylvia, Hayley, Gary and Tyrone.

Less of: Dev, Sunita,Frank, Anne, Nick, Tommy, Kevin and Sally.

Plus we need to find out why Kirsty is such a physco, and where that storylines heading...

Anonymous said...

Time for Steve McDonald, Tracy and Amy Barlow to go they have had there day now, and sorry to say it but Deirdre is starting to grate on me now they need to do something with her other than having another affair I mean! take her back to more like she was in the 80s and 90s - when she was on the council !!


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