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Friday, 1 January 2010

December 31, 2009: Episode update

It's the end of a year and the start of a new, fresh start for some. The Rovers New Years party seems to go well enough though Liz is still running around at the last minute selling tickets. She talks Molly into buying two once Molly finds out that Kev and Sally will be there (didn't Tyrone buy two tickets the other day? or did Molly talk him out of it). Steve is working at Streetcars as is Claire so it's Liz, Becky and Michelle behind the bar. But Becky's unsettled and we see her in the ladies' loo taking a pregnancy test. Judging from her quiet mood after, we could assume the result is positive but she doesn't let on. This does become an issue, though, as Claire admits to Steve after he drags it out of her that Becky doesn't want any kids. Steve goes back to the pub to discuss it with Becky who tries to avoid the subject but does admit it's true. She loves Amy but is afraid with her background she'd mess up any kid of her own. They end up seeing in the New Year not in each other's arms.

Since Michelle is working, Ryan talks Sian into staying in the flat alone with him. Sian feels bad for ditching Sophie at the Community Centre party for about 5 minutes but the lure of Ryan and the bedroom are too strong. Yes, campers, they see the new year in with a bang but are soon caught out by Michelle. Jake the builder is back and he's wooed Michelle into spending a romantic night in a posh hotel with him. Apparently the pub isn't so busy that Liz can let a barmaid go home early. Sophie has come to the pub because she didn't know anyone else at the party but forgot her keys. She comes to get her dad's and discovers from Michelle that Sian lied to her about why she didn't go so she goes with Michelle. They catch the teens in the afterglow, Sian wearing Michelle's robe. Michelle rips into them both, Sophie rips into Sian for lying and breaking their chastity vow, and Ryan rips right back at his mother for being a hypocrite of the worst kind, seeing as she's just about to hop into a hotel bed with a man she's only known 5 minutes (He's right, too!) Sian escapes the line of fire and gets out quickly and Sophie runs off as well. Midnight finds her on her own, sad and upset. We don't find out if Michelle did go to the hotel or not.

Molly dresses to kill which pleases Tyrone but is really for Kevin's benefit. The pub is jumping and Sally and Kevin are looking all spiffed up. Sally looks really nice and proceedes to have a great time, belting out "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and getting legless. Because Sally looks so healthy, Molly bitches at Kevin and implies that he lied about Sally's illness in order to dump her. Kevin gets a bit rough with her in the pub back yard and tells her they're done. Molly keeps whining that he loves her and he just looks at her with contempt. He calls Molly childish and when she tries the old "What's she got that I haven't got?" she gets a hissed "Cancer, you stupid girl!" He tells her to leave him and his family alone if she loves him like she says she does. And he's serious. He means it. Right, I think that's her told and hopefully, that's Kevin coming to his senses once and for all. But... I have a bad feeling that the woman scorned isn't going to go quietly into that great night.

After all that, back in the pub a very inebriated Sally doesn't want to join Ty and Molly because Molly's so dull and ends up telling her so loudly across the bar. Molly remarks back that Sally's just drunk. Sally cheerfully agrees, Kevin laughs and kisses her passionately and they run off home (and presumably up them stairs!)

Rosie spends some of the evening irresponsibly squirting cherry vodka into men's enthusiastic mouths. Graeme spends the evening lusting after Rosie who barely gives him a look in.


Sea Penguin said...

The only way the cringe-making Molly/Kevin thing can be redeemed is if Molly turns into a full-blown bunny-boiler.

Ena's New Year hairnet said...

Molly was behaving like she was deranged. I suspect that she will become Kevin's stalker and it serves him right, he laid on his cheap hotel bed and now he has to lie in it. Great acting from Sally Whittaker. More sluttish behaviour from Michelle disappearing off, now who would let a barmaid off in the middle of a session on the busiest night of the year, to go off and have sex in a hotel with someone she hardly knew in the first place and hasnt seen for months? Michelle is behaving little better than a 'Ho.


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