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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Craig Gazey wins Best Newcomer at National Television Awards

Congratulations to Craig Gazey, who plays Graeme Proctor in Coronation Street. He's just won Best Newcomer at the National Television Awards. Collecting his award at London's O2 arena, Craig thanked fans for voting for him and joked that he'd never even won a tombola before starting on Corrie.

On a more serious note, he dedicated his award to the late Maggie Jones, calling her an inspiration.

Corrie also won Best Serial Drama (aka Best Soap) at the awards ceremony. Read more on that here.

If you'd like to ask Craig a question about his role on Corrie as Graeme or about hs acting career, have a look here.


gadgee said...

Thoroughly deserved. He's absolutely fantastic. If I'm honest, I was more bothered about Craig winning his award than Corrie winning best soap (sorry - I mean 'serial drama') And his speech was great - really lovely as well as funny.

gadgee said...

Might Graeme's love interest be that lush lass David's been knocking about with? I've forgotten her name. Was the last time we saw her when Tina was drunk and was gonna drive and David stopped her, and the lass I'm on about went off in a bit of a huff?

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