Thursday, 2 January 2020

'The pressure is immense': catching up with Corrie's first black family

You always know that when a Coronation Street story is included in The Guardian newspaper that it's going to be a no-nonsense look at one of the issues facing our favourite soap.  This week, The Guardian interviewed the actors who play the parents of the Baileys - who The Guardian call "the first family of colour in Coronation Street after almost 60 years on air."

How have they been received?

The full interview is here.


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Humpty Dumpty said...

Wait a minute. They may not have arrived as a family unit but Lloyd's ex and their daughter formed a kind of family for a while. This quote is from Voice magazine (Dec 12):"Craig Charles talks about heading the first black family on Coronation Street in its 50-year history", They didn't cast it well, unfortunately, and the chemistry wasn't there. Perhaps Corrie would prefer it if viewers forgot about them.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking same thing. Plus does it not count that Kristi was black and had a black child with Tyrone?

popcorn said...

The first family of colour? Isn't Dev's family "of colour"?

Glenda Young said...

The Guardian's words.

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