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Thursday, 2 January 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 01 JAN 2020 8.00 pm (ONE HOUR)

Waking up in a random bed, hungover, and full of guilt Tracy's new year hasn't exactly got off to the finest start. Seeing Paula in bed next to her, Tracy has that dreaded dawn of realisation and prepares for the 'walk of shame' back home.

Meanwhile, Steve, Amy & Ken are waiting for Tracy to rise from her stupor-little realising that she isn't there. Amy then conveniently decides to head over to Paula's to take her case notes back, and narrowly avoids seeing her Mother in a state of half undress (the 'knickers on the Aga' imagery was slightly smutty for Corrie, I thought). Sneaking back home, Tracy seems to have picked up Paula's jacket in the rush - which Amy conveniently spots and what with Maria's idle gossip in the street, she's becoming ever more suspicious of her Mum's New Year's Eve whereabouts.

What are we thinking? Is this a predictable return to duplicitous behaviour for Tracy, or are you cynical enough to believe this is a slightly contrived ratings grab?

In contrast, lovebirds Maria and Gary seem to have made peace with his recent loan sharking shooting and Gary promises to turn over a new leaf. Bethany isn't as easily duped however and she decides to move out.  Out of Maria' shadow, Gary is soon back on form though, harassing Sarah for the factory rent; he certainly means business. Gail suggests they move Underworld to another location but we know that won't happen. Calling a staff meeting at SPEED DAAL, the 'shareholders' (aka staff) decide to keep the factory where it is. Is it me or have we seen this set-up a million times before? I like Underworld but I feel it could it do with more than just a set makeover...

Meanwhile, Gary tells Maria they should move into their plush flat at Victoria Court instead. Will he revert to loan sharking or will his antique store pay dividends? Talking of which, Fizz is still feeling guilty about bringing a gun to the street but faces more trouble with the girls when Ruby hurts her harm at the community gardens. Is this arm injury another smoking gun for Jade?. Fizz thinks Hope is faking it but Jade promises to arrange a secret trip to the doctors.

David's still down and helpless as Shona's lies in a coma, and the upcoming trial can't be helping either. Gail offers chocolate biscuits and words of wisdom. I like her new zen persona. Can we see Gail doing more meditation/yoga/power walking with Sally, this year?
Sorting through David's washing, Gail finds the letter requesting he attend Josh's court case. Can she persuade her son to go to the trial?

At The Rovers Return, Abie is back propping the bar up and is telling Eileen, Sally, and Emma about her dalliance with new Bistro Boss 'handsy' Ray. Sally offers Kev some words of advice but he's still smarting after overhearing her harsh words. Later, Abi meets up for round two with Ray and realises he owns the viaduct eaterie alongside the hotel etc. Heading home, she brags to Sally, unfortunately, Kev is also there as well!

Also at the pub, Adam officially proposes to Sarah and she eagerly accepts. Gary looks miffed, to say the least. Emma also struggles with handing out the barmaid badinage (love that word) as Paula and Tracy exchange coats and frosty language. As they march out of the pub arguing, Amy corners them and their secret is soon out. Admitting her infidelity to Mary, Tracy's BFF fails to stall Steve at the pub and he heads home with the gift of a cat. Amy is disgusted by this whole sordid affair and decides to move in with Emma, while Steve remains clueless to the whole saga.

What are your thoughts on this latest drama?

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Happy New Year!!

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was interesting for Tracy to have her usual blackmail tactics being used against her when Amy got what she wanted!

Anonymous said...

I don't take it as blackmail. I take it as Amy being her Mother's conscience. She loves her mom but she does not tolerate when she does wrong. She makes her own it. Love it! Who else could get away with that. lol

coconno196 said...

Maria and Gary appear to have slept on the sofa. It is her flat, so surely she has a room?

maggie muggins said...

Well, it was fairly typical behaviour for Tracy, but she has been a lot nicer for a couple of years so yes - ratings grab. Oh, it wasn't an Aga that caught her knickers. A cooker in the front hall? It was a yucca plant, which has sharp leaves, perfect for the job. Still gross. Poor Amy, who is more mature than her mum.

Gary/Maria/the Faktry - yawn.

Abi and Ray - even more gross than Tracy's knickers in the hall. Is Corrie now all evil, all the time now? We need some show producers who know that shows can be popular without scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of storylines and characters.

Happy New Year, Ryan!

Canadian watcher said...

It's a ratings grab. However, it confirms my feelings that Paula is a predator. Was Tracy too drunk to give informed consent? Not sure how the laws in Britain apply, but in some countries that could be construed as sexual assault by Paula.

Anonymous said...

Paula is a solicitor. I think she'd be totally aware of the consequences of going down the sexual assault road. Also Tracy commented that in prison she'd "had more women than Madonna" so maybe it wasn't just Paula doing all the running

coconno196 said...

I wonder if it's true about Tracy's prison antics. She may just have been trying to impress Paula.


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