Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Coronation Street spoiler: Geoff gets even worse

The previews are in from ITV for next week’s Coronation Street and if, like me, you’re hating the Geoff and Yasmeen story, then I’m afraid it’s going to get even worse.

Cathy quizzes Yasmeen about her cleaning obsession. Yasmeen insists that she just likes a tidy house and she’s never been happier. But when Geoff returns and finds them both tipsy, Yasmeen’s immediately on edge and Cathy takes her cue to leave. Geoff tears a strip off Yasmeen for failing to do her chores and choosing to get drunk instead.

When Cathy returns to collect her bag, Geoff is unaware and launches into another tirade of abuse. Grabbing her bag, a shocked Cathy hurries out. Cathy confides in Brian how she witnessed Geoff being really nasty to Yasmeen and she’s worried about her friend. 

Glenda Young
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popcorn said...

Can somebody please make this stop?

coconno196 said...

Have the scripties forgotten that Yazmeen was introduced as a devout Muslim and non- drinker. It has never been explained why she started drinking, but it was long before Geoff started bullying her, so that can't be the reason.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Geoff has to be the most vile, odious, hateful Corrie villain in a very long time. Makes me think of the famous quotation about the pure banality of evil: Phelan and Stape both had something magnificent about them. But Geoff is hateful and evil in so many little, petty, mediocre ways--weak, sneaky, manipulative, self-pitying, narcissistic, lying, clinging, dependent, spiteful, malicious, whining, lazy... But he is succeeding in systematically destroying Yasmeen's sense of self and her pride in herself in ways even worse than Charlie Stubbs destroyed Shelley. And Yasmeen, like some very idealistic, smart women is too naive and unworldly to realize what he's doing.

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