Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 8 Aug

WHO WILL WIN THE BATTLE FOR THE ROVERS? Gemma wishes Henry luck as he heads off for his meeting with the bank.
ABI HAS A BAD DAY Abi struggles to connect with the twins during their home visit. One of the twins goes missing and when Abi finds him in the ginnel they say they want to go home. Steve arrives too late with a parcel he was collecting for her from the post office (a present for the twins) to find Abi in tears as her children would rather be with the foster parents than her.
RANA GETS SOME BAD NEWS Rana’s sad as she watches Imran, suited and booted, leave for their Dad’s party. Clearly shocked, Rana tells Kate that Imran called from the party where their Dad has collapsed.
ELSEWHERE Steve confronts Johnny and reveals that he knows about his night of passion with Liz. Johnny is taken aback and assures him it was a mistake and he loves Jenny. Liz promises Johnny that their secret is safe and she’ll have a word with Steve.

STEVE AND ABI SHARE A MOMENT Seb and Emma go in search of Abi and Steve confides in Eileen and Tracy as he feels responsible after what he said about her. He finds her drunk at the tram station and challenges her when a small bag of heroin fals out of her bag. Telling her about Ruairi he urges her to pull herself together and rebuild her relationship with the children. Grateful Abi kisses him on the lips. Oblivious Tracy arrives to take her friend home.
RANA’S LEFT OUT IN THE COLD At the hospital, Imran breaks the news to Rana that Hassan has had a stroke, but Saira bans her from visiting him and Rana’s devastated. Imran points out to Saira that should Hassan die, she will have denied him his last chance to see his daughter. Rana confronts Saira and points out that had she not been banned from her Dad’s party, she would have recognised his symptoms and could possibly have saved his life.
JENNY STEALS GEMMA’S DREAM As Peter shows Johnny and Jenny around the pub, Jenny tells Liz that she’s grateful to have her on board. Johnny and Liz share an awkward look. How will Gemma react when she discovers Johnny and Jenny have bought the pub?
ELSEWHERE  When Sally calls in Speed Daal and suggests she’d like to hold a fundraiser for Jack there on Monday, Geoff insists it’s fine whilst Yasmeen’s less convinced. A jealous Faye watches as Seb thanks Emma for all her help.

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Abi and could see tnat a mile off couldn't you! Oh my....

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