Tuesday, 3 May 2016

New to Corrie? "Jump in there and get on with it!"

CBC in Canada has a great Facebook page for Coronation Street, called, naturally, Coronation Street on CBC.  Today they posted this great little video where their "Corrie"spondent, Mike Morrison, interviewed some of the cast to find out tips for people who are new viewers of Coronation Street. The best advice comes from William Roache, "Jump in there and get on with it".

Most people I know say the accent is the hardest thing to get past, at least at first. It's a stronger accent than the "received" BBC posh English accent, that's for sure in that it's more down to earth and every-day, if you see what I mean. It does take a bit of time to pick up the ear for it but if you watch for a few weeks, you will become attuned. I have to say, though, after watching for over 25 years, there are still times when I don't catch what was said, usually just a word or a phrase that was spoken too quickly.

Because the show has been on the air going on 56 years, you won't be able to catch up before starting to watch. Like any show, you will pick up the threads of the storylines and figure out the families before too long. There are also great books out there if you do want to read up on Corrie history, most of which are written by Daran Little, with two or three gems by our very own Glenda Young (Deirdre: A Life on Coronation Street and Norman Bates with a Briefcase: The Story of Richard Hillman just to name two) . Check out your library! Then pour yourself a cup of tea and get some dunkable biscuits and jump in!

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C in Canada said...

I do confess it did take me awhile to be able to pick up the accent, and my husband also (we both watch). The first episode we watched was Richard Hillman trying to kill the Platt's in the car and then in the canal, and we've been watchers ever since.
Not just the accent, but a lot of the local slang was hard to grasp, and I found myself resorting to online slang dictionaries to find some out, such as 'taking the mickey', 'skyving' and 'buttie'...although 'bog off' seemed very self explanatory! lol
But we did just what Ken suggests - jumped in and got on with it!

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