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Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 2nd May

Apologies for the lateness of this review, I had my own bank holiday shenanigans to attend to, none of which involved salmon burgers, thankfully.

The main story tonight was Nick's concern over the symptoms of his brain damage, which have returned, unlike David's epilepsy, never to be mentioned again. Nick arranged an appointment with a private consultant, who couldn't tell Nick either way whether he's ill or well. He's booked in for an MRI on Wednesday (like Corrie, there are no appointments on Tuesdays), but it all comes to a head as he burns his hand, and smashes a glass in anger, a shard of which grazes Carla's cheek and it all comes back to him, the way he hurt Leanne, and he doesn't want that to happen again. Well, something had to go wrong with Corrie's number one power couple, now that Tracy is dealt with, Gail is neutralised - nay, fawning over Carla, saying that she's pleased to have her as a new daughter-in-law, even giving her the family photo album (which also features many pics of "photogenic" Gail), and looking forward to staying in the seaview room in Devon. Just as Carla's starting to relax, Nick's about to break her heart. Corrie is certainly getting its money from Alison King, pre-departure; she had pretty much 50% of the episode's airtime.

Meanwhile, Michelle is fractious, Steve is anxious, Liz is suspicious and Aidan is wise (?), offering advice to both Michelle and her husband. Steve feels that they're further apart than when they were in Spain, whereas Michelle's guilt is stopping her re-connecting with him, including in the bedroom department, which we know thanks to Liz's prurient interest. After asking outright if her daughter-in-law is sleeping with Will, 'Chelle confesses to The Snog, but, like Carla, Liz advises her to brush it under the carpet and move on. Steve, after bonding over the home-brew with Tim, tries to reject modernity and sophistication and to be a caveman, but his attempts, like Tim's, fail miserably and his efforts to be spontaneous with his wife go the same way.

On a bank holiday, the theme is work: Jason and Phelan, Carla, the rather badger-like doctor, Tim, Michelle, and Kevin and Sophie are all grafting. But Yasmeen and "Incapability Brown" Sharif are doing a more traditional bank holiday barbecue, along with traditional bank holiday weather; Sally's smug look from the conservatory as the rain came down was a picture. The Nazirs should have accepted Sally's offer to lend them her "miniature marquee". But maybe the rain will be good for Sally's shrubbery and Tim can attend to it after all.

The heavens opened as Zeedan rejected Rana, and Kate told Sophie to back off. Sophie is already suspicious of Caz because she claimed she hurt her leg both parachute jumping and sky diving, and her theories are confirmed when Caz pretends Sophie caught her ankle in the cafe. She tells Kevin that she "was right about Jenny Bradley and I'm right about this - she's up to sommat!" and Kevin's counsel to stay out of it falls on stubborn ears.

And finally, we find out that Kevin is known as lord of the rings because of his numerous coffee cup stains, Cathy takes Tupperware with her to parties, and the Platts are not the mafia, because they hide their bodies under the Grannexe and not the woods.

Until next week!

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abbyk said...

I truly dislike implausible stories. Not having any medical training, I am really having problems accepting that 2 years later, after no apparent reinjury or relevant illness, Nicks brain injury is back. Maybe this can happen but it doesn't make sense. I'd be more likely to accept that, coincidentally, he has a brain tumor or a minor stroke that might have gone undiagnosed had he not had the injury. Those are treatable and would (should!) not be cause for him to call things off. Oh the dramatics.

If Caz is on crutches and broken off with Kate, why is she recuperating in a tiny upstairs flat on a cobbled road? Doesn't she have family or other friends who might live in some place more comfortable?

Anonymous said...

Liz's interest in Steve borders on incest. Super creepy. Just stop.

Louby said...

Thanks for your excellent review, it was certainly more enjoyable than actually watching the episode! Missing Friday's episode didn't seem to matter to my ability to follow the plots!

I really have what has happened to Caz's character. There would have been many other ways, positive ones, to develop their relationship.

Rachel Stevenson said...

Thank you Louby. I guess the writers are making Caz more and more unlikeable so that we're rooting for Sophie and Kate although it's all a bit formulaic IMO.

Anonymous said...

I would never root for Sophie, thoroughly dislikeable person.

Anonymous said...

Sick comment regarding Liz and Steve. Nothing wrong with a mother caring for her son as she does....especially since Steve and Michelle live under the same roof and they all work together.

Cas said...

Surely Steve would have taken Amy out for Bank Holiday having not seen her for weeks. Why would he wasting time sitting around drinking beer with Tim?
Sally was her usual nasty self, I don't know why Tim puts up with her.

coconno196 said...

Abbyk: I totally agree with everything you say. Re Caz, when Kate asked Johnny if she could stay, she did say the Caz doesn't see her family. Convenient for this silly storyline of course, especially as she's probably faking the injury.

Lily Bigfield said...

I'm really bored with some of the contrived and implausible storylines at the moment. Kate and Caz. Nick and Carla. Knowing that all the misunderstandings/lack of communication is just the set up for new relationships or actor exits. I admit I drifted off at one point! I live in hope things will improve, as I do love my dose of Corrie.
Great review Rachel!

C in Canada said...

The comment about David's epilepsy - I am epileptic myself, and have been seizure free for over 10 years and am on meds for it. If you have a mild form of it, it is possible to put it behind you and not think of it as long as you remember your meds. I don't see why it would have to be brought up at all.

C in Canada said...

Further to that - I do agree about the post about Caz. Why she's in that upstairs flat on crutches is beyond me.
Has she no family of her own? There has been absolutely no mention of any of her other connections.
They've done their best to make her unpleasant though - the height of implausibility was blaming Sophie for her accident. I'm not a Sophie fan, but even so, I thought that was unwarranted.

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