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Corrie weekly update - unleashing the inner cave man

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Nick visits a consultant about the symptoms of his brain injury and an MRI scan is arranged. His rages continue and when he accidentally pours boiling water on his hand in the flat, he flings a cup against the wall. Some of the cup hits Carla on the face and Nick is beside himself with guilt for what he’s done.  Their wedding plans storm ahead and Gail gives Carla a photo album of highlights of the Platt family life. “You get the bad bits next week,” David tells Carla. “You’ll need a whole van load for that.”

Steve and Michelle find the time to talk and grow close again this week. Aided by Amy, Steve woos Michelle with a meal in the back room of the pub.  It looks like they’re back on track again even though Michelle’s keeping quiet about her almost-fling with Will, for now anyway.

Silly storyline of the week was a BBQ at Yasmeen’s in her back garden while Sally snootily stared over the garden fence. It went nowhere this story, it wasn’t funny and it didn’t fit with anything else going on.

Caz is on crutches after an accident at work and she’s back spending time with Kate in the flat. Kate tells Sophie to keep away from them both then invites Sophie for a drink. I’m sorry, but this is another storyline that really doesn’t work for me.  Along with Rana and Zeedan, the Caz, Kate and Sophie storylines are, for this fan, a complete waste of space.

Storylines I am enjoying, however, include all that’s going on at the Platt household.  Sarah’s starting to go into meltdown every time she thinks about baby Harry’s dad (Callum), what Kylie did to him (Murder) and where he now resides (Grannexe). I’m loving all of this and can’t wait to see how it will unfold.  

Jason visits the solicitor for the reading of his dad’s will. He discovers Tony has left his flat and business to Jason along with a great load of cash. It’s fair to say that Jason’s now minted. But he’s unsure what to do and turns to the person least likely to have his best interests at heart – Pat Phelan.  Pat goes to Tony’s lock-up with Jason and Todd to clear it all out and inside they find it full of stolen stuff.  Jason heads off to the solicitor, leaving Todd and Pat sorting things out. Todd spies Pat on the phone trying to sell all the knock-off from under Jason’s nose.  He films Pat’s shady deal on his phone and Pat sells it all for three thousand pounds. But when Todd confronts Pat later in front of Eileen and accuses him of stealing Tony’s goods, Pat throws two thousand pounds down as payment for Jason and says he has the paperwork to prove the deal was legit.  Jason’s in turmoil after his visit to the solicitor and comes on to Eva in the Rovers. When she knocks him back he goes home with Gemma instead, who’s much less fussy about her men.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Chris Fewtrell and Mark Burt (Monday double); John Kerr (Friday); Perrie Balthazar (Friday).  Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at

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