Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 4 May

Wednesday 4th May
STRAINED NICK LEFT HOLDING THE BABY Having had her first good night’s sleep since Harry was born, Sarah arrives for breakfast with a spring in her step. Nick apologises to Carla for his outburst, putting it down to stress. Leaving Nick to look after Harry, Kylie and David lead Sarah to the Salon insisting she could do with a bit of pampering. As Harry screams, Nick realises he’s out of his depth. Sarah and Kylie arrive home to find Harry very distressed and Nick unable to cope. When Sarah suggests to Nick she could move in with him, Nick refuses. As Harry cries in his cot, Sarah sits alone, frightened.
SUSPICIOUS KATE CONFRONTS CAZ Having overheard Caz on the phone to her support officer, Kate demands to know why she’s being so secretive over her accident. Caz is defensive and the pair row before kissing and making up. Sophie is disappointed at seeing them so loved up.
TODD PROVES BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER When Jason agrees to take a look at Gail’s leaky tap, Phelan’s annoyed, pointing out he should be concentrating on bigger jobs if they’re to make any money. As Jason fixes Gail’s tap, he asks Sarah to pass him some tools. But as Sarah enters the annexe, she breaks down and Jason wonders what’s wrong.
ELSEWHERE Billy’s appalled to find Lee begging money. He makes out he’s a troublemaker from the homeless shelter. When Sean books a surprise holiday in Ibiza, Billy’s not keen but covers, telling Sean it might be difficult to get the time off work. Sharif’s appalled when at Yasmeen’s request, Phelan measures up the back garden for an orangery.

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Anonymous said...

Nick who has medical issues and is about to be married,understanbly couldn't cope with a screaming Harry and Sarah thinks it's a good idea to move in with him?!Is she for real?Why doesn't Sarah get a flat of her own for her and the children?
Since they haven't been feauured together too much,I wonder if Jason suddenly working at the hous while Sarah is there is a contrived ploy for her to tell him about Callum?

Anonymous said...

terible eрisode! Goodbye Stuart Blackburn, you will be forgotten very quickly!

Anonymous said...

Nick has gotten nasty with Sarah on two occasions. He is not like this with my thinking is....if it were the brain injury he would be like it with everybody. So the writers should really consider continuity...oops sorry..if you consider Carla's on again off again alcohol problem we see that this is a wish better not spoken. lol

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