Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Top 25 Favourite Corrie Males - No. 4


Duration: 2013-
Played by: Joe Duttine
2012 character poll position (men): Not included

A male character who has definitely become popular since his relationship with Sally Webster. 

Introduced as the estranged father of Faye Windass, Tim worked as a builder. Despite Faye’s adoptive mother Anna’s initial disapproval, Tim kept in contact with Faye when he got a job with Jason Grimshaw.

Both Anna and partner Owen Armstrong attempted to force Tim out of Weatherfield but he began a relationship with Sally. 

When work dried up with Jason, he established himself as a window cleaner – continuing the lineage of street window cleaners (Stan, Eddie, Jack). His down to earth attitude is a stark contrast to the snobbery of Sally and they are a reminder of Richard and Hyacinth Bucket. In 2015, Tim employed Craig Tinker as his assistant. It was revealed in 2014 that Tim was dyslexic but he has overcome this problem by now.

Surprisingly, Tim has a formed a close friendship with Sally’s ex Kevin. This is a contrast to Kevin’s animosity towards Sally’s men. But this provides and interesting dynamic to the Webster household. Kevin was even best man at Tim and Sally’s wedding in 2015.

Tim is definitely in the mould of Corrie’s classic hapless men – Stan, Jack, Les and Steve and has to be one of the brightest stars of Corrie in recent years after the departures of many classic characters.

Are you a fan of Tim? Are you a fan of his relationship with Sally?

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C in Canada said...

Dyslexic? I thought it was illiteracy?
Or did one lead to the other?

Anonymous said...

Excellent character! Love his sarky sense of humor and his adoration of one of the harder women to adore!

Rebecca said...

Great character! It seems like he's been a part of the street forever.

Ancient corrier said...

Love Tim- love Tim and Sally- love Tim and Kev- would like to see more of Tim and Faye.

Anonymous said...

I just love the Tim character. I had my doubts about him when he first showed up - "Wot's he up to??" kind of thing-but I think it's great to see how he has evolved into a real trustworthy character. Sally and Tim are good together, she needs grounding every now and then. The relationship with Kev is brilliant. It's not the first time a hubbie has ended up being best friends with the ex-husband and we need more of this positive stuff-tired of the "rivalry" story. I was also SO happy that they didn't put Tim with Anna. Those two are just ok together but he's better off with Sally, there's more fun with less shrieking and arguing.

Louby said...

Tim is great and I hope he stays around for a long time, preferably with humorous storylines rather than affairs or whatever. I have to disagree though, I don't think he is hapless. He's not a shirker, and is more than capable of standing up to Sally if he needs to. The script writers have got that relationship totally right I think.

Cobblestone said...

Yes, I'm a big Tom fan. But he's also important as an illustration that a character often works or fails to work according to the chemistry with those he/she is matched with. He most certainly didn't work until the moment he was put together with Sally, and then the magic began. (I'd argue Zedan is a similar case, humanised by his relationships with Leanne & Simon). We should pause and think of Tim whenever we decide a new character isn't gelling (Erica?) We often need to give the writers time to try a few permutations before writing anyone off (Sarah Harding excepted!)

Cobblestone said...

Of course, I meant Tim, not Tom (iPhone + thick fingers), but of course you all knew that!

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