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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 9 December

Wednesday 9th December
CARLA’S IN SAFE HANDS WITH JOHNNY Johnny’s stunned to receive a visiting order from Rob and shows it to Carla. Carla’s taken aback but reckons he’ll have to go to find out what he wants. Carla confides in Nick how unnerved she is by Johnny’s visiting order and reckons Rob’s clearly got an agenda.
NESSA’S ON THIN ICE WITH AMY As Nessa cooks Ken his breakfast, Tracy’s outraged to realise she stayed the night. Roy later suggests to Nessa that the way to Ken’s heart is to win Amy round. Taking Roy’s words on board, Nessa offers to take Amy to the Christmas markets after school. Realising she can play Nessa like a fiddle, Amy’s only too keen. What’s Amy got in store for Nessa?
SARAH COMES TO A DECISION ABOUT HER FUTURE Bethany persuades Sarah to let her skip school so they can go shopping and enjoy some quality time together. As they stagger home with their bags, Sarah heads off to find Todd. Sarah breaks down, admitting she’s not sure she can have Callum’s baby.
ELSEWHERE Brendan meets up with Mary for a drink in the Rovers. Mary’s frosty towards him but Brendan turns on the charm telling her he’s just waiting for the right time and one day they’ll be together properly. Will Mary fall for his patter?

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Amy try to beat Nessa at her game. Not that I love Amy, but I like Nessa even less; she's so beady-eyed and pushy!
She's just right for Ken, who it's good to see in a story line again, with help from the assertive Nessie.

Anonymous said...

Actually I didn't really mean to say Nessa was "just right" for Ken, what I meant was that to create a story with interest, she's just the right kind of character. Ken is missing Deirdre and feeling somewhat lost. This woman has swooped in on him and I suppose for now he's enjoying the attention and newness of the diversion....until.....which makes for a good story.

Anonymous said...

Oh no Mary...don't fall for that. may be somewhat unique and uh...unusual. But you deserve someone who loves only you!!!

As we've seen, Mary is eccentric not STUPID! Quite the opposite, she is often the voice of compassion and reason at exactly the right time. Let's hope she is kept that way.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how soon before Nessa's son Alex meets the Barlows?Ir seems one sided with Amy meeting Nessa [I'm also looking forward to Amy beating Nessa at her own game]but no mention of Ken,Tracy,Robert and Amy meeting Alex.
Bethany is sadly her mother's daughter, skipping school to go shopping and Sarah has no problem with this and even goes with her?
I also find the 'woe is me,I'm pregnant with Callum's child'bit from Sarah very tedious.She knew wh he was when met him but dated him anyway to spite David and now she expects everyone to feel sorry for her?!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm looking forward to Nessa and Amy continually trying to outsmart each other. With her grandmother and great grandmother gone, Amy needs to sharpen her wits against someone new. What a waste of Tina O'Brien. She's a good actress as demonstrated by her stint in Call the Midwife and it's a great pity that they've gone down the pregnancy road again.

C in Canada said...

Amy's going to run rings around Nessa!

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure about that C in Canada, that Nessie's no one's fool; it'll be a good match, that's for sure!

vintgal003 said...

Love little Amy....she is quite the fine actress for her age! My money is on Amy against ol' Nessa.....

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