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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Corrie Weekly Awards for Nov. 30 - Dec. 4

Poison Ivy award: Gail was quite catty about Carla's proposal to Nick. She apologised. But she didn't mean it. Wonderful stuff.

Reverse Psychology Fail award:
If David hadn't kept going on at Sarah, insisting she not drink too much in case she blabbed something, she probably wouldn't have got so drunk and she probably wouldn't have stumbled in front of Tim's van.

Takes one to know one award: Sarah might accuse David of doing what it takes for his own ends, but Sarah's just as capable of being that devious, too. She did steal the Milan job out from under David's nose, you may recall. Gail might be hanging on to lingering thoughts about Michael but she's right, Sally certainly clung to Kevin for years longer than she should have!

Gooseberry award: Is Faye jealous of Caitlyn because she's crushing on Craig or just because she wants to be Craig's only friend?

Face-Palm award: If Dee had Michael's mobile number, why didn't she just use that in the first place instead of calling the cab office?

Soppy Romantic Award: Nick. yes. I admit it. I had a tear in my eye.

Karaoke award: Sally singing "Walking in Memphis" at the kitchen table. Did a good job, too!

We All Fall Down award: Nobody can figure out how Sarah tumbled into the van even after they all pointed out how drunk she was. Kind of explains it right there, don't you think?

Phrase of Doom award: Nick for saying "Nothing's going to go wrong. Trust me"

Lines of the Week:
Kate to Carla "You're going to have to teach me how to death-glare one day!"
Carla "I survived the Barlows. I suppose I can survive the Platts."
Sally "Isn't it time you just let go of Michael? You might come across as a bit..." Gail "Kevin. That's all I'm saying..."
Audrey "Can you please stop talking about dead animals, it reminds me of something out of Stephen King"
Todd "It's good to know Michael's as good at getting things into people's houses as he was at getting them out"
Sally to Tim "The only dirty thing you're going to be doing this afternoon is my windows" (but she thought about something else, too!)
Carla about the Haberdasher's ball "It's so boring, paint watches *it* dry!"
Faye to Craig "If you were a girl you'd have told me by now and we'd be half way through sorting it out" (she's right!)
Gail "I'm sure if Carla saw a chance to nail him, she grabbed it with both hands"
Kylie to David "They seem to follow you around, accidents"
Audrey "That was very nice" Gail "I even managed to keep a straight face" (LOL!)

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abbyk said...

Seriously Award: to Gail for turning up her nose at the age appropriate, independently wealthy, gorgeous, liked and respected fiancée her brain damaged son has chosen. He's done well, Gail, you can turn off the Ivy now.

Stupid is as stupid does: to Sarah for not using birth control. Have you heard of it, dear? It's part of that discussion you should have already had with your teenaged daughter.

Same story, different day: to Leanne and Simon. Don't put me in care. I'm not going to therapy. I hate you. Hug. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

Takes one to know one,When Kylie told David accidents follow him, did she even think for a moment that the same applies to her? Since David married her,she's the reason for their unhappy lives the past three years,her one night stand with Nick and the DNA test on Lily, seeking out Callum for drugs and murdering him.I'm getting tired of David being portrayed as the 'villain' when everything that's happened is Kylie's and Sarah's fault.

Anonymous said...

Gail has well and truly turned into a crazy, miserable old bat. How could she possibly object to Nick and Carla getting together? Except out of some sick jealously because of her disgusting obsession with her sons. She is twisted and just downright evil - it's very clear where David gets it from, now.

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