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Monday, 7 December 2015

Coronation Street Double Episode Review 7 December 2015

 ‘It’s time I made them pay…’

What a treat to have Rob back, fully intending to stir up trouble for those who he believes are responsible for his being in prison. As he says, ‘They’re out there living their lives and I’m stuck in here.’ There speaks a bitter man – and what’s more, a bitter man with a plan. Maybe he has forgotten that he murdered Tina, which is why he is in prison. Tracy should also be in prison, her total tally of lives taken now amounting to three: Charlie Stubbs and more recently Maddie and Kal. Carla is the only one who has the right to walk free.

Rob tells his cellmate that Tracy is visiting. ‘The one who sold you down the river?’ asks the cellmate. A reminder for viewers just in case we had forgotten.

Tracy is clearly troubled by the visiting order but she goes anyway. Rob tells her she looks great and that he has missed her and that he still loves her. Tracy tells him there is no one else. Rob tells her that he has had time to think and Tracy tells him that he was her world. Rob thought that his missing her would get easier after time, but in fact it has got harder. As Tracy leaves we can see from Rob’s expression that round one goes to him.  

There IS someone else and his name is Robert, and he is really helping Leanne. Simon is refusing to go to counselling but Robert persuades him to go, much to Leanne’s relief.  Leanne is grateful and Robert tells her that now that he has read Cosmopolitan he knows how to keep his man, so the time wasn’t completely wasted. They hug, just at the minute Tracy walks into the bistro, but she is uncharacteristically unconcerned. In addition she tells him what a kind man he is.

Erica, Anna and Liz are going to a Singles Night. And why not? Talking to Liz at the bar, Anna explains that with Faye at a friend’s and Gary working she was twiddling her thumbs. She asks if Liz is like that at times. Liz replies that if she has any downtime, she is either defluffing her legs or dying her eyebrows. Liz explains. ‘It’s a full time job being me.’

Once again some great lines. Firstly there is the matter of Sophie’s top – the one she wears for the Bistro where Sally is trying to get her daughter and Kate together. ‘Couldn’t you have worn a better top?’ asks Sally. Sophie asks what is wrong with the top and her mother tells her that it is boring and doesn’t say anything about who she is. Sophie’s reply is brilliant. ‘Mum, it’s a top, not a C. V.’

Approaching Billy, Sally asks if he could help with some marital problems which she is experiencing. Billy suggests they make an appointment as he is ‘off duty.’ Sally is outraged. ‘Off-duty? Was Jesus off-duty when that blind man needed a miracle?’ Genius. She gets her way and sends Sophie to chat with Kate.

Sarah, understandably, has had enough of her mother’s fussing and decides to go to work and then stay at Nick’s in her own bed. As yet, no one knows about the baby. David is also fussing a little and she tells him to ‘do one.’

Sitting on a bench outside, Todd approaches and puts his jacket round her shoulders. He mentions the flat that they used to share and how when she was pregnant she would send him out to but scamp fries whish she is eating now. This rather tenuous link makes him guess that Sarah is pregnant. She admits it, but asks him to promise that he will tell no one. She is now half way through her pregnancy so if she is not going to have the baby, as she well knows, she needs to make a decision now.

Ken is making hummus and according to Nessa he has not put too much tahini into it. They are having Roy and Cathy round for a meal and it turns out that because Ken is a vegetarian, Nessa has claimed that she too is a vegetarian. ‘You know I’m a veggie.’ She gets away with this until Cathy completely blows her cover and asks, ‘Since when?’ Nessa clarifies with, ‘Since I accepted the fact that meat is murder.’ Cathy reminds her how she has up until now claimed that a real meal needs meat.

Ken is wearing jeans! Amusingly, on entering the pub, Sean says, ‘Oh look! It’s the Hoff!’ Personally I don’t see what the big deal is but Ken feels ‘ridiculous’ – though Nessa thinks he looks great. Audrey overhears this discussion in the pub as does Nessa. Nessa storms out and a smile plays on Audrey’s lips only to see Ken and Nessa kissing shortly after. Audrey’s smile disappears. She would probably weep in despair if she could hear what Ken says to Nessa. ‘You’re so upbeat, so full of life, it’s a joy to spend time with you.’ Surely this cannot be the end of the line for Audrey and Ken…

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John McE said...

Nice to see Rob back, but why on Earth did they choose the actor who plays Colin in "Trollied" to play Rob's cell-mate, and worse let him play the part exactly the same way?

Nothing against the actor, but it makes it impossible to belief in his character.

Tvor said...

Ken was in a pair of jeans a couple of weeks ago, thanks to Nessa. Nobody made a huge deal out of it then?

What I thought was a bit odd was the visiting time at the prison, which seemed to be well after 6 p.m. as it was happening at the same time as Sally and Tim were at the Bistro, reservations made for 6. Is a late visiting period normal? I only ever saw prison visits on Corrie in the daytime. Odd.

It seems odd that Sally would try to matchmake Sophie with someone that's engaged. She certainly wouldn't appreciate it if Sophie was trying to matchmake Sally with someone before she was with Tim and certainly not with a man who was with someone else.

Anonymous said...

I loved the scenes & dialogue with Liz, Eric and Anna. Love it when the neighbours 'get on' rather than constantly battling one another, and we get to enjoy normality if that makes sense?

PS: I'm really beginning to enjoy Erica.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Tvor, Ken was wearing a pair of jeans that Nessa bought him a few episodes ago. I remember Leanne bumping into Ken & Nessa in the street & when Nessa asked Leanne is she liked his jeans, Leanne thought she was talking about Simon's jeans. It wasn't a big deal back then so why all the fuss last night?

Anonymous said...

Tvor, I agree with you regarding Sally's matchmaking. Why?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about anyone else (and this could be a blog рost if i was on the team :)) but I tend to feel that each eрisode is only as good as it's writer. I enjoyed last night's eрisodes, so therefore i like Julie Jones and will look forward to her future eрisodes. I didn't like Martin Allen's and Рerrie Balthazar's eрisodes so I will watch with treрidation when I see their name in future. Jonathon Harvey and damon Rochefort - it goes without saying that they are master craftsman. Does anyone feel the same way, it's not the story or the acting, but the writers that make it wonderful (John H)

Flaming Nora said...

Yes anonymous, I feel exactly the same way about the writing being integral to my enjoyment of the episode.

coconno196 said...

I agree re Sally ' s ridiculous and immoral matchmaking.
Nessa is very annoying and completely wrong for Ken even if we forget about the "too soon" element. But I suspect this will eventually lead to Ken seeing Audrey in a different light.
The Rob storyline is completely contrived, and like all other soap murderers he blames the people who got him arrested, conveniently forgetting that if he hadn't murdered Tina he wouldn't be in jail.
I agree about tthe writers too. Recently we've had some lovely scenes, with the humour of classic Corrie.

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