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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Teen fan's wish-list for new Coronation Street Producer

Coronation Street fan Joseph has appeared on our blog before, as a fan of the week.  Here, he writes in to tell us about his wish-list for the new incoming Coronation Street producer Kate Oates, who'll take over at Corrie next year.

And now, it's over to Joseph:

"My passion grew for Corrie only 6 years ago, and I'm almost 14. However, I've seen many past Corrie episodes, documentaries and I've been to the tour. So it is safe to say I'm well-educated in the World of Weatherfield.

I started watching Corrie properly in late 2009 and I loved it. Don't get me wrong I still love it, but as there were very few positives of Stuart Blackburn's tenure as Producer, I felt bored. Silly castings and the less than underwhelming storylines, irritated me. I did watch all the episodes in his reign though and I'm now looking forward to some outstanding stories and new characters from Kate Oates.

My Wish List for the new Corrie producer is as follows:

1) Less airtime for the Platts.
2) Bring back the older generation.
3) Dev to sell the shop and No. 7 and take the kids to live in India with him and his family.
4) Tone down Gail.
5) Sally and Tim not to break up after the LIVE and instead have a great married life with lots of humour.
6) Izzy and Gary to get back together.
7) Axe the Nazirs (except Zeedan).
8) Bring in a new family to take over the Corner Shop.
9) More airtime for Craig, Chesney, Beth, Kirk and Sinead.
10) Nick and Carla to get married!

Please comment your views on Kate Oates' appointment as new Producer. Also, what would your own Wish List be?

Joseph - Guest Corrie Blogger

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Pootle5 said...

Agreed! But to add mine:
1. A few years break from 'we know who dun it' murders - indeed murders in general.
2. A better balance of true Corrie style comedy (even bitchy rows used to he funny - not nasty).
3. Stop separating couples that work - Gary and Izzy split was the most pointless ever - and considering how much they wanted (and paid for) a baby, where the hell is it all the time??!! Does knicker sewing pay for full time nursery care??
4. Fairer share of plots using the whole cast.
5. Fewer big stunts that generally turn into damp squibs.
6. Axe the Nazir lot, apart from Nazeem who is the only one to have developed a 3D character with depths I want to play out longer.
7. Get rid of Todd, he adds nothing.
8. Don't reveal every detail of what's coming up like some old gossipy washerwoman... keep more secrets and surprises.
9. Develop Craig positively, getting an education and a job away from the street - he can still live there! Show some aspiration and allow success.
10. A couple of weddings that go smoothly and are joyous, a good love story instead of negative breakups etc.

Pootle5 said...
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bluegardenia said...

Here's my wish list:

1. Give Gail Platt a decent hairdo for heaven's sake she looks awful!!! and please make her less whiney...
2. The whole Michael, Gail and Eileen story was absolutely ridiculous please give Eileen some real character and storyline
3. If you are going to do a storyline like Callum and the Platts please make it believable!!! That whole thing was nonsense.
4. Give Liz McDonald a life!!!
5. Nick and Carla get married.
6. Find someone for Anna
7. I haven't as yet warmed to Cathy...give Roy a partner please!!!
8. I like Dev. He's been wasted for many years...and stop changing his character to suit the story...which is often that characters aren't true to themselves or us

Anonymous said...

Of course Sally and Tim are actually Vera and Jack IMO..good fun there.
Not liking Cathy either but it's early days.
Gail needs to be institutionalized for her own good.
No more marriages between Carla and 'insert name here'...been done to death.
Eileen - she should go now..never could stand that one. Maybe she'll hook up with Dev!
Platts agree...waste of time from start to end. I hope the whole lot get thrown in prison.
Liz McDonald - how many lives is she going to have - or blokes for that matter. The writers couldn't think of anything better for her to do than jump into the sack with Lloyd? Been there already!

Just IMO.

Rapunzel said...

Thank you for that. Common themes appear to be manipulating established characters so that they act contrary to type simply to fit in with contrived storylines. Stop doing that!

Insist on input from the actors who have been there awhile. They will have a far keener sense of the essence of their characters than the writers do. For example, I was watching an old special the other day which featured early scenes of Chesney. He was a delightfully cheeky lad who could do equal parts comedy and tragedy. What happened to his impish side as he grew up? Now he's just a sad sack.

Flo said...

More Steph, Andy and Luke! Less Platt's. And wouldn't it be fun to pair Anna with Kevin? Sally's comments alone would be worth it. Fewer newer characters every time the wind blows, establish some good, long lasting story lines and personalities. Lately it seems like just as we get used to someone and start to like them, they are gone.

Less murders and more stable couples. I'm getting tired of trying to figure out who is with who every day.

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